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Akazoo S.A โ€“ Ordinary Shares

Akazoo S.A โ€“ Ordinary Shares
Current Price
$0.0257 1.98%
Market Cap
Price Target
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52wk Range
$1.06 - $7.49
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Akazoo is a global, on-demand music and audio streaming and media and AI technology company,
founded 2010, with a focus on emerging markets and a presence in 25 countries. Akazoo’s premium
service provides subscribers with unlimited online and offline high-quality music streaming access to
a catalogue of over 45 million songs on an ad-free basis. Akazoo uses patented AI for music
recommendations and offers online and offline listening. Akazoo’s free, ad-supported radio service
consists of over 80,000 stations and exists as a separate services and application. As consumers across
the globe continue to shift their media consumption to mobile devices, Akazoo is equipped with a
world-class mobile application and user experience which works seamlessly across a multitude of
mobile devices and provides a high-quality user experience across a range of mobile networks from
2g to 4g LTE and soon 5g.

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