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Yerbae Brands Corp.

Current Price
$0.35 -5.99%
Market Cap
Price Target
Refer to Report
52wk Range
$0.301 - $3.45
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Yerbae Brands Corp., formerly Kona Bay Technologies Inc., is a Canada-based beverage company. The Company offers sugar-free, plant-based energy drinks. Its plant-based energy beverages have zero sugar, calories and are powered by a natural caffeine source (yerba mate and white tea). The delivers an enhanced experience that stimulates the body and focuses the mind without the jitters associated with energy drinks. The Company¿s products include 16oz Energy Drinks and 12oz Energy Seltzers. Its 12oz Energy Seltzers are unsweetened sparkling beverages featuring 100 milligrams (mg) of caffeine. Its 16oz Energy Drinks feature 160 mg of caffeine with refreshing crisp flavors that are a alternative to coffee and sugary sodas.

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