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SPACtrac Report - Capstar Special Acquisition Corp: Ready To Address An Unmet Need

Published: Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Capstar Special Acquisition Corp: Ready To Address An Unmet Need

Gregory Aurand, Senior Research Analyst, Healthcare Services & Medical Devices, Noble Capital Markets, Inc.

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The Acquisition. Gelesis, Inc. will be brought public when they merge with publicly traded Capstar Special Acquisition Corp. (CPSR). The deal is expected to close late November or early December with a nearly $1 billion enterprise value transaction.

An approved FDA product targeting a large population. The overweight and obese are at epidemic levels in the U.S. and are a growing crisis globally. Plenity is a novel FDA approved weight management aid that has an addressable market of 150 million in the U.S. alone.

Manufacturing coming on-line for full launch. Gelesis conducted a highly successful beta launch this past year. With lines of manufacturing coming on-line in late 2021 and 2022, the company is prepared to meet initial and future demand with scalable capacity. Given expected demand, the company looks to be EBITDA positive in 2023.

Opportunities globally. The initial focus will be the U.S. market but Plenity also has CE Mark enabling it to be marketed in Europe and other markets. In addition, the company has a strategic partnership to commercialize Plenity in China with potential milestones and royalties. Outside U.S. revenues are expected to contribute 30% of 2023 revenues.

Valuation looks very attractive. At current levels, shares trade about 2.2x Enterprise Value to 2023 guided Revenues, a substantial discount to the Health & Wellness Consumer and DTC peers. If the shares were to trade in-line with the median of its peers, the target value would be $15 per share. As the company is approaching the weight management market in a non-traditional way, a case could be made for an expanded group of comparables that would suggest an even higher current valuation.

Investment Summary

The combination between Gelesis, Inc. and CPSR Gelesis Merger Sub, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Capstar Special Acquisition Corp. (NYSE:CPSR), a special purpose acquisition company, expected late November or early December, offers tremendous synergies.  Capstar has relationships with influencers to engage consumers and has brand building experience. Gelesis, Inc., a biotherapeutics company, has already obtained FDA clearance for its market-disruptive Plenity weight management product and will subsequently have greater resources and capabilities to fully launch and market Plenity, as well as fund pipeline developments in gastrointestinal (GI) chronic diseases and additional weight loss markets. 

Full launch coming. Plenity has been in beta test launch since last year but will be able to launch when the first full line of new manufacturing capacity comes on-line late 2021.  Capacity expansion is expected in the second and fourth quarters of 2022. 

The planned deal.  Anticipated to consummate late November or early December 2021, Gelesis, Inc. will become a publicly-traded company when the definitive business combination with CPSR Gelesis Merger Sub, Inc. closes.  Capstar Special Acquisition Corp. controls $276 million in trust and will also provide $90 million in PIPE funding from institutional investors. The new combination, with Gelesis as the surviving company, is expected to trade under the ticker “GLS”. CPSR will rename as Gelesis Holdings, Inc. The implied valuation upon closing, based on 131.8 million shares outstanding at $10, is $1,318 million, with an enterprise value of $964 million.

Stock valuation looks very attractive. At current levels, the combined company trades at 2.2x Enterprise Value to guided 2023 Revenues, a considerable discount to Health & Wellness Consumer and DTC comparables as described in the Stock Overview and Valuation section later in this report. Assuming that CPSR shares traded in line with this peer group, the shares would be valued at $15, based upon median (excluding one outlier) EV to 2023 Revenue multiples.  Based on the company’s establishment of consumer-direct marketing, an argument could be made to include a larger group of Disruptive Healthcare and Consumer Subscription comparables. Including this larger group, CPSR could see a higher current valuation.

Investment Highlights

  • Large addressable U.S. market opportunity.  Approximately 150M in the U.S. fall within the addressable market for Plenity. FDA approved for those with Body Mass Index (BMI) scaling from 25 to 40, Plenity has the broadest label of any weight management approach. The Plenity target population is those with BMI ranging from 25-35, considered overweight or slightly obese.
  • FDA cleared product for weight loss with ready to scale manufacturing. FDA clearance for Plenity, a proprietary biomimetic technology prescription product, has already been obtained and, as proof of concept, the company conducted a very successful beta launch.  An initial manufacturing line at 50% capacity is coming online in the fourth quarter, with additional capacity lines expected in Q2 2022 and Q4 2022.  Each full line can produce upward of 160,000 units (a 28-day supply) monthly.
  • Direct-to-patient. Although doctor-prescribed, the company expects to give consumers the option to access the product via a telehealth avenue or with in-person healthcare providers.  Importantly, the company expects to drive awareness and engagement through influence marketing partnerships, as well as patient access telehealth and lifestyle support platforms like Ro and Noom. A contract sales force will also market to practitioners.
  • Low-cost and quick fulfillment.  Prescribed Plenity is delivered to the member patient in about two days at a consumer/patient cost of $98/month, or about $1.75 meal, a substantially less expensive out-of-pocket alternative to other weight loss programs.
  • Pipeline opportunities.  The company has large adjacent market opportunities beyond adult weight loss.  Weight management in adolescents, weight management for people with diabetes or pre-diabetes, Functional Constipation, and Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) are all in early studies or trials.
  • Solid patent protection. The company has a large patent estate covering composition, method of production and method of use, through at least 2035.


Investment Risks

  • Product real world experience may be different.  Plenity may not be accepted by consumers or may be ineffective. Trial results showed effectiveness, but patients were part of a controlled study that include exercise and a nutritional plan.  Real world experiences may be different.
  • Plenity is an FDA cleared product.  If there are greater side effects than seen in trials, the result might be possible lost revenue or recalled product.
  • Company is in the early days of expanding manufacturing. The company might experience manufacturing delays or hiccups, is not able to scale up manufacturing, or is not able to manufacture at expected cost levels.
  • Marketing and pipeline costs. Marketing the product through different avenues may increase costs or reduce profitability. Developing the pipeline will require greater resources and new funding sources may be needed.
  • Potential competition. Plenity is a novel product with strong patents. However, there is a risk that larger and better funded competitors might enter the weight management market.

Industry Overview

The U.S. weight loss and diet control market is vast and, prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, was estimated at a record $78 billion. Ranging from diet soft drinks and diet foods including frozen entrees, diet books, diet pills, fitness apps and online or home exercise programs, meal replacements and diet plans, commercial diet center chains, and health clubs to medical programs like bariatric surgery and therapeutics, the weight loss and diet market is expected to increase due to an increasing overweight and obese population. In 2016, more than 1.9 billion adults were overweight or obese, with more than a third considered obese. The global and U.S. markets are expected to expand as the number of overweight or obese adults increases (Figures #1 and #2).  

Figure #1 Globally 39% of Adults are Overweight or Obese


Figure #2 Adults Overweight or Obese in the U.S.


Overweight persons, as indicated in Figure #3 below, fall into a BMI range of 25 to 30. Above a 30 BMI, a person is considered obese.  The World Health Organization defines BMI as: “a simple index of weight-for-height that is commonly used to classify underweight, overweight and obesity in adults. It is defined as the weight in kilograms divided by the square of the height in meters (kg/m 2). For example, an adult who weighs 70kg and whose height is 1.75m will have a BMI of 22.9.”

Figure #3 Weight Classification

Source: Hannah Ritchie and Max Roser (2017) - "Obesity". Published online at Retrieved from: '' [Online Resource]

Over 37% of the U.S. population is considered obese with a BMI index above 30 (Figure #4).  This group, composed of obese and extremely obese, will likely have more co-morbidities like high blood pressure or diabetes, and might seek, in addition to dietary and behavior modification, more expensive and stringent weight loss programs including oral and injectable therapies as well as surgery. However, the downside for more stringent weight loss programs are potential adverse side effects from therapeutics, especially for those with other existing health conditions; hence only about 2% of the population use therapeutics.  Bariatric surgery also can present complications and risk.  Therapeutics and bariatric surgery are also a more expensive option and not viable for those merely overweight and needing to lose fewer pounds. As illustrated in Figure #5, Plenity addresses the needs of the overweight and mildly obese with a weight management aid that is not a drug, has side effects comparable to placebo, is not habit forming and has no duration limitations.

Figure #4 Estimated (Age-Adjusted) Percentage of US Adults with Overweight and Obesity by Sex

Source: 2013–2014 NHANES Data, NIH National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases

Figure #5 Large unmet need

Source:  Company presentation

While the need for weight loss increases due to aging demographics, along with increasing co-morbidities like diabetes, the market is also changing as younger Millennials are expected to surpass the Baby Boomer generation over time. Millennials are much more social media and influencer conscious than the prior generation and perceive brick-and-mortar weight loss centers and gyms as expensive or too structured, and find meal replacements like nutrition bars, low calorie frozen meals, apps, other virtual options and home setups more viable and less expensive. Utilization of online technology like telehealth, apps and streaming services are expected to increase dramatically over time.

The coronavirus pandemic has caused consumers to accelerate their movement away from more traditional brick-and-mortar gyms and weight loss centers. Within the various weight loss management segments in 2020, health clubs and weight loss programs were negatively affected the most as consumers were unable or unwilling to access health centers, clinics and physician offices.  Prescription weight loss medications declined also due to limited access to doctors, clinics and hospitals during the pandemic.

As the following Figure #6 indicates, the pandemic has put a spotlight on weight loss as well as continued access to care.  Americans gained weight during the pandemic and over 50% want to reduce weight. Importantly, partly due to the pandemic as well as changing tastes and greater market acceptance of virtual and digital technologies, over 80% are likely to use telehealth to manage needs after the pandemic ends.

Figure #6 Pandemic Spotlight

Source: Company presentation

It is estimated that 80% of dieters are do-it-yourselfers, going it alone without behavior changes. Regardless, most diets fail, upwards of 95%. Diets typically fail because it’s usually based on deprivation and unnatural eating habits, making normal life difficult long-term.  On average, weight loss diets last four weeks for women and six weeks for men. Unfortunately, dieters subsequently go back to normal eating habits and new weight gain is the result. A more holistic wellness approach, incorporating psychological improvements as well as exercise increase the chances of long-term success. With this knowledge, the approach being taken to commercialize Plenity incorporates a holistic perspective, engaging patients as members to promote long-term satisfaction and results.


Gelesis Company Overview

Gelesis, a biotherapeutics compay was founded in 2006 by Yishai Zohar with PureTech Health (Nasdaq: PRTC; currently 19.2% Gelesis ownership), developing the macromolecular hydrogel and polymer research of co-inventor Alessandro Sannino, the Gelesis Lead Scientist. Gelesis’ focus is to transform weight management using its proprietary technology. Gelesis' first commercial product, Plenity, is FDA cleared and CE Marked as an aid in weight management in adults with excess weight or obesity, BMI of 25 to 40 when used in conjunction with diet and exercise. Plenity has the broadest BMI range of any prescription weight-management aid to date. Utilizing its platform technology, the company also has potential therapies in development for Type 2 Diabetes, Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease and Non-alcoholic Steatohepatitis (NAFLD/ NASH), and Functional Constipation (Figure #7).  In addition, the company also has a pre-clinical study (GS400) for IBD.

Figure #7 Gelesis pipeline

Source: Company presentation

Plenity works by making you feel more satisfied

The company believes one of the root causes of being overweight or obese is the modern Western diet with larger portions and increased calories.  Plenity is designed to help people manage their weight by feeling satisfied with smaller food portions. It is FDA-cleared for use in adults with a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 25-40 kg/m2  when used as part of a diet and exercise program. The product is a proprietary hydrogel that “mimics” the effect of eating raw vegetables (Figure #8).  It is taken orally as 3 capsules with 16 oz. of water twice a day, 20 minutes before lunch and dinner.  Within minutes of ingestion, the small gel pieces in the capsules expand, increasing volume. The gel pieces absorb water, filling the stomach to ~1/4 of the stomach’s volume. The particles create additional satiety mechanisms between meals and eventually degrade in the large intestine, allowing the water to be re-absorbed as the pieces are eliminated. 


Figure #8 How Plenity Works

Source: Company presentation

Plenity is shown to be efficacious

The GLOW (Gelesis Loss of Weight) study was a 24-week, randomized, double-blind, multi-center trial with 436 overweight or obese patients, with or without type 2 diabetes, in conjunction with prescribed reduced calories and exercise.  The trial co-primary endpoints were: 1) 35% or more of individuals taking Plenity achieved 5% or more weight loss, and 2) placebo-adjusted weight loss assessed as a super-majority margin of 3%, as well as superiority over placebo.  The trial exceeded the first endpoint with 59% of patients losing 5% or greater weight (Figure #9).  While not achieving the second endpoint of super-majority, the trial did achieve superiority over placebo (-6.4% vs. -4.4%, P=0.0007).   Importantly, 26% of adults were considered super-responders to Plenity, losing an average of 14% of their weight (30 lbs.).  In a post-hoc analysis, early weight loss predicted longer term benefit, with a weight loss of 3% or greater as early as after 8 weeks predicting meaningful weight loss at 6 months.

Figure #9 Plenity doubled the chance of 5% or greater weight loss

Source: Company presentation

Side effects are similar to placebo

In the GLOW study, overall adverse events in the Plenity arm was no different than the placebo group (71% in both), and most events were assessed as mild or moderate in both groups. There were no serious adverse events in the Plenity group, but there was one in the placebo group (Figure #10). An important consideration is there are no known interaction issues, nor is Plenity therapy limited to duration.  Consumer/patients can go on for a relatively short period of time or go off therapy temporarily as needed. Plenity is not a drug and is not habit forming.

Figure #10 Strong Safety Profile Similar to Placebo

Source: Company presentation

Full launch coming Q4 2021

Plenity, in its beta test (limited by supply) last year, grew consumer/patient membership to over 48,000, adding approximately 12,000 in only 6 weeks (Figure #11). A key component of the full-scale launch will be the focus on consumer ease, convenience and wellness support, particularly in the current Covid-19 environment.  Plenity’s unique efficacy, safety and tolerability profile allow Gelesis to bring it to market in a very different way. Telehealth, as well other access options like traditional health care interaction, not only focus on the convenience of being prescribed and receiving Plenity (Figure #12) but also keeping the member patient engaged longer-term.


Figure #11 Strong Beta Test Launch

Source: Company presentation

Figure #12 Access is Consumer Focused

Source: Company presentation

 The company developed partnerships (Figure #13) in mail order pharmacy and telehealth to make member patient access easy and, given the high failure rate in regular diets, help achieve improved weight management outcomes.  Ro is a well-recognized patient-centric national telehealth service offering end-to-end health care. The pharmacy GoGoMeds (Specialty Medical Drugstore, LLC) is an accredited and licensed pharmacy in all 50 states and the District of Columbia and currently has an exclusive arrangement to fulfill mail order prescriptions. To expand awareness and create a more holistic wellness approach and to keep members engaged and moving toward their goals, the company has partnerships to offer Plenity through lifestyle support programs like Noom and behavioral weight management programs like WW.  Not only will the member patient have easier access options to Plenity, but they will also be better supported to achieve their weight and wellness goals. 


Figure #13 Partnerships for patient access, awareness and wellness

Source: Company presentation

Commercializing and Marketing Plenity

Since the beta launch, Gelesis has utilized telehealth and social media marketing avenues to drive awareness but was limited by lack of manufacturing capacity from making a strong marketing push to the health care practitioner. With manufacturing capacity expansion, in addition to telehealth and social media, Gelesis has begun working with a contract sales force engaging large practice primary care, targeting 25-35,000 physicians in the U.S. These physicians will be able to directly treat the patient by writing a mail-order prescription or refer the patient to another specialist or telehealth service. 

Prescribed Plenity is delivered to the member patient in about two days at a cost of $98/month, or about $1.75 meal, a substantially less expensive out-of-pocket alternative to other weight loss programs. Not only is pricing transparent and relatively inexpensive for the member patient, practitioners will also find it easy to prescribe as health plan reimbursement is not needed. While potentially health plans may add Plenity to their wellness programs, Gelesis is focused on the cash-pay opportunity.

While the U.S. is the near-term focus, Plenity has CE Mark for commercialization in Europe and other global markets. Importantly, the company strategically partnered with China Medical Systems to commercialize Plenity in China. The partnership will contribute milestones as well as royalties in that market. Expectation is for global revenues to contribute 30% of mix in 2023.


The company believes the method of action underlying the Gelesis technology could be advantageous treating chronic metabolic and inflammation diseases by restoring healthy gut barrier and increase good bacteria.  High-fat diets, especially, may compromise the intestinal barrier. In pre-clinical studies, Gelesis hydrogel showed promise, appearing to restore gut function and the company continues to pursue this method of action.

The company has large adjacent market opportunities beyond adult weight loss (Figure #14). Weight management in adolescents, weight management for people with diabetes or pre-diabetes, Functional Constipation, and Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) are all in early studies or trials. For weight loss in adolescents, the company is seeking Plenity label expansion and is seeking FDA input and review. The Phase II weight management study for diabetes and pre-diabetes expects data results late 2021. The pilot clinical study in Functional Constipation (formerly known as Chronic Idiopathic Constipation), initiated in 2020, expects top-line results to be available by Q2 2023. Phase II top-line results for NAFLD are expected Q4 2023.

Figure #14 Large addressable U.S. market opportunity pipeline

Source: Company presentation

 Financial Overview

The company has projected to reach EBITDA profitability in 2023 (Figure #15), based on a gross selling price of $98 per monthly (28 day) unit and a net selling price (after partner and other discounts) of $76 monthly, and reaching $442 million in 2023 revenues.  As the company builds and utilizes production capacity, efficiencies should drive gross margin to above 70% from the low 60’s anticipated in 2022. Of the expected revenue generation, 70% are expected U.S. revenues, with 30% international (Figure #16).  Based on an assumption of 6 months patient Rx subscription, each member patient would generate $456 during that time.  Excluding royalties and other sources of revenue from Noom and WW products offered by Gelesis, to reach the U.S. 2023 revenue target, the company would need to engage ~682,000 member patients or ~4.1 million units. To reach the international revenue projection, the company would need to reach ~300,000 patients or ~1.72 million units. The needed member patient numbers would be lower with additional sources of revenue. Of importance, the 2023 total patient engagement is below 0.5% of the eligible market.

Figure #15 EBITDA profitability expected 2023

Source: Company presentation


Figure #16 Projected 2023 revenue based on reaching <0.5% of eligible market

Source: Company presentation

Based on current and projected manufacturing capacity, Gelesis projects each manufacturing line capable of producing 160,000 monthly units.  A 50% capacity line is operational, and a full line at 100% capacity should be online by end of year 2021, with an additional line expected in the second quarter 2022. Based on this coming capacity and adjusting for downtime to convert the 50% line to 100%, the company will be able, by beginning of Q3 2022, to produce more than 400,000 units monthly, or a 4.8 million unit annual run rate at the end of 2022. The company also expects a third new line in Q4 2022, further expanding capability in 2023 to 6.7 million annual units (Figure #17).

Figure #17 Production is expected to meet demand

Source: Company presentation


Anticipating continued demand, Gelesis expects further line additions with an 18-24 month lead time for each line to become operational. For instance, a new line investment initiated in Q3 2022 would be projected to be operational by Q3 2024 or earlier. The company has sufficient expansion capabilities to construct 10 lines, which is 4x greater potential production than expected by the beginning of Q3 2022.

Management Overview

R. Steven Hicks:  A storied executive in media and broadcasting, in 2000 Mr. Hicks founded Capstar Partners, a private investment company with a private and public focus in the Consumer, Healthcare, Media and Hospitality sectors. In 1996, prior to Capstar Partners, where he currently serves as Executive Chairman, he founded Capstar Broadcasting Corporation. After taking Capstar Broadcasting public in 1998, the company was merged with Chancellor Media Corporation, forming AMFM, the nation’s largest operator of radio stations in the United States. He also co-founded SFX Broadcasting in 1993, establishing this company as one of the largest radio broadcasting operations in the United States before leaving in 1996 to build Capstar Broadcasting. Capstar Special Acquisition Corp. was incorporated in 2020, where Mr. Hicks currently serves as Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer. Mr. Hicks received his Bachelor of Arts from the University of Texas at Austin and has served on the Board of the University of Texas Investment Management Company since 2009.

Rodrigo de la Torre: With more than 15 years of experience in multinational organization strategy, finance and business development, Mr. de la Torre currently serves as Lead Director at Capstar Special Acquisition Corp.  Since April 2019, he has been Head of Finance and Strategy at Taco Bell Global, and before that he was Global Director of Finance and Head of M&A at Pizza Hut International, all part of Yum! Brands.  Prior to Yum! Brands, Mr. de la Torre advised on high-profile consumer sector transactions while at Credit Suisse’s Consumer & Retail Investment Banking Group and M&A Strategy at Fonterra Co-operative. He received his Bachelor of Commerce with Honors in Economics and Finance from Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand and received his Master of Business Administration from the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth in 2010.

Kathryn Cavanaugh: Ms. Cavanaugh is a Director at Capstar Special Acquisition Corp. and has been, since 2019, Managing Partner at Capstar Ventures GP, LLC, a venture capital firm investing in consumer innovative companies. She has extensive experience in investing in early-stage consumer and retail sector companies, obtained during her tenure as Partner at Grace Beauty Capital. Prior to Grace Beauty Capital, she evaluated equity investments in the MedTech healthcare space at De Novo Ventures. As Senior Process Engineer at Merck & Co., she developed large scale manufacturing.  Ms. Cavanaugh obtained Bachelor of Science degrees in Chemical Engineering and Biochemistry from the University of Notre Dame, and a Master of Business Administration from Harvard Business School.

Clayton Christopher: Currently serving as Special Advisor at Capstar Special Acquisition Corp., Mr. Christopher is the co-founder and advisor to CAVU Venture Partners, an investment firm focused on best-in-class consumer brands. He has extensive consumer experience as 2010 co-founder and CEO at Deep Eddy Vodka, founder of Sweet Leaf Tea in 1998 until acquired by Nestle in 2011 and co-founder of Waterloo Sparkling Water in 2017.

Benjamin Hanson: With extensive healthcare strategic experience, Mr. Hanson serves as Board Advisor to Capstar Special Acquisition Corp.  He co-founded EQ Capital Strategies and is Managing Member, providing advisory services in healthcare, environmental and business service markets. Previous to this, he was Chief Administrative and Strategy Officer for Senior Care Centers, LLC,  and led the corporate development efforts at Harden Healthcare prior to its acquisition by Senior Care Centers, LLC.  Mr. Hanson graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a double major in Plan II Honors and Government and has his law degree from the Dedman School of Law at Southern Methodist University.

Yishai Zohar: The Founder, Chief Executive Officer, and a member of the Board at Gelesis, Inc., Mr. Zohar has over 25 years’ experience developing healthcare innovation. The co-inventor and developer of PLENITY at Gelesis, Inc., prior to this he was Co-Founder of PureTech Health, leading the obesity/GI therapeutics effort.  Mr. Zohar has a Business Administration degree from the College of Management Academic Studies in Tel Aviv and was a Captain and air force pilot in the Israeli Defense Forces.

Alessandro Sannino: The co-inventor and Lead Project Scientist of the technology behind PLENITY at Gelesis, Inc., Dr. Sannino’s research has focused on macromolecular hydrogels and polymer microstructures.  He is adjunct faculty at MIT and is responsible for the Life Sciences Division of the Puglia District of Technology. An advisor to the NIH and the Italian Ministry of Health. He has published over 100 papers and received his PhD at University of Naples and University of Washington.

David Pass: Dr. Pass is Chief Operating and Commercial Officer at Gelesis, Inc. He has over 20 years experience in therapeutics, focusing on metabolics and diabetes.  Previously, he served as Vice President of Marketing at Boehringer Ingelheim for Diabetes and has extensive experience with Johnson & Johnson and Bristol-Myers Squibb.  Dr. Pass received his B.S. Pharmacy and Doctor of Pharmacy degrees from the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and Science.

Harry L. Leider: Currently the Chief Medical Officer at Gelesis, Inc., Dr. Leider has over 25 years’ experience in healthcare.  Before joining Gelesis, Inc., Dr. Leider served as Chief Medical Officer and Group Vice President at Walgreens.  Prior to this, he was Chief Medical Officer and Senior Vice President of Ameritox, a specialty lab. He is a past-President and Board Chairman for the American Association of Physician Leadership. He has also been a faculty member of the Harvard Medical School and the Johns Hopkins Carey School of Business. He received his B.A. from Pennsylvania State University, and MD from the University of Pennsylvania, and his MBA from the Foster School of Business at the University of Washington.

Elaine Chiquette: Dr. Chiquette currently serves as Chief Scientific Officer at Gelesis, Inc.  She developed her extensive regulatory strategy experience while at Hoffman La Roche, Amylin Pharmaceuticals, Aegerion, and GI Dynamics. She completed her pharmacy degree at Laval University in Quebec and obtained a Pharm.D at University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio.  Her focus and interest has been on cardiometabolic disease therapeutics.

Elliot Maltz: As the Chief Financial Officer at Gelesis, Inc., Mr. Maltz has over 15 years’ experience in corporate finance and accounting with public and private companies, specializing in healthcare and manufacturing. Prior to Gelesis, Mr. Maltz held leadership positions at Deloitte & Touche LLP and Publicis Sapient Corp.  He received his education from Elon University.


Stock Overview and Valuation

As indicated in Figure #18, the common equity PIPE transaction will translate into a 7% ownership of the new company. The PIPE investors include PIMCO, Pritzker Vlock Family Office, Chinese Medical Systems and co-founder PureTech Health. The $276 million held-in-trust provided from Capstar translates into a 20% ownership and Capstar Founders will own 4% of the company.  Gelesis shareholders will end up with approximately 69% of the new company. The newly formed company, as indicated previously, is expected to be listed on the NYSE and trade under the ticker “GLS”.  There will be an estimated 131.8 million shares outstanding following the combination with CPSR. As part of the transaction, there will be 5 million share earn-out increments issued to existing Gelesis shareholders if the stock price reaches $12.50, $15.00, and $17.50 per share over a five-year period following the combination.  

Figure #18 Pro Forma Ownership

Source: Company presentation


Figure #19 provides an extensive list of health and wellness peer comparables.  The valuations provided for CPSR/Gelesis are based on the guided revenues and cash provided.  At current levels, shares trade about 2.2x Enterprise Value to 2023 guided Revenues, a substantial 40% discount to the median Health & Wellness Consumer and DTC peers (excluding INMD outlier). If the shares were to trade in-line with the median of its peers, the target value would be $15 per share.  At the mean, the target value would be $19 per share. As Gelesis is marketing to the weight management market in a very different and disruptive approach, a case could be made for using the expanded group of Disruptive Healthcare and Consumer Subscription comparables that would suggest an even higher current valuation.


Figure #19 Valuation Comparables


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  Release - Gevo Partners with Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC) Giant Kiewit on its Net-Zero 1 Project, 10/07/2021
  Release -Sierra Metals Completes Strategic Review Process Initiates Annual Base Dividend of US$0.03 Per Share and Appoints Two New Directors to Its Board, 10/07/2021
  Release - ProMIS Neurosciences Announces Special Shareholder Meeting, 10/07/2021
  Release - Endeavour Silver Produces 1305399 Oz Silver And 10541 Oz Gold For 2.1 Million Oz Silver Equivalents In Q3, 2021, 10/07/2021
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  Release - Capstone Green Energy To Provide 600 kW Trigeneration Power System for Luxury Hotel in Colombia, 10/01/2021
  QuickChek - October 1, 2021, 10/01/2021
  Release - AB Vista and Avivagen Strike OxC-beta Supply Agreement in the United States Brazil and Thailand, 10/01/2021
  Release - FAT Brands Inc. Completes $300 Million Acquisition of Twin Peaks Restaurant Chain, 10/01/2021
  Opportunities in the Rapidly Growing Pain Management Sector, 10/01/2021
  Release - Great Lakes Dredge Dock Corporation Appoints Scott Kornblau as Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, 10/01/2021
  $350 Billion for These Renewable Initiatives, 10/01/2021
  Release - Voyager Digital Partners with Fundstrat to Provide Market-leading Crypto Research to Users, 10/01/2021
  Deflation Not Inflation is Risk Says Cathie Wood, 10/01/2021
  Release - Great Lakes Announces Partnership with Project Vesta, 09/30/2021
  QuickChek - September 30, 2021, 09/30/2021
  Release - Orion Group Holdings Inc. Announces Contract Awards of Nearly $200 Million, 09/30/2021
  Release - CanAlaska Identifies New Targets at Kingston Uranium Project, 09/30/2021
  Release - Sierra Metals Announces Filing of Updated NI 43-101 Technical Report, 09/30/2021
  Jerry Nadler Wants MORE for Marijuana Industry, 09/30/2021
  Release - EEGs iGaming Division Hits New Revenue Record SportNation Nominated for Award, 09/30/2021
  Release - Promising New Opregen Clinical Data Featured At 54th Annual Retina Society Meeting In Podium Presentation By Christopher D. Riemann M.D., 09/30/2021
  The College Equity Research Contest that Awards Up to $7500 to Winning Student(s) and $5,000 to School, 09/30/2021
  Digital Currency Report from the Fed is Past Due, 09/30/2021
  New Developments in Pain Management - a NobleCon Online Investor Event - Presenting Companies, 09/30/2021
  Release - Kratos Receives Approximate $50 Million Single Award Sole Source High Performance Jet Drone System Related IDIQ Contract, 09/29/2021
  QuickChek - September 29, 2021, 09/29/2021
  Release - Avivagen Inc. Announces Results for the Third Quarter Ending July 31 2021, 09/29/2021
  Release - Capstone Green Energy Supports Mexican Commercial and Industrial Sectors Self-Generation Demand with a C800S Microturbine System, 09/29/2021
  Release - Russ Hauth Retires from Salem and Nic Anderson Takes on Director Government Relations Responsibilities, 09/29/2021
  Release - Voyager Digital Appoints Chief Technology Officer, 09/29/2021
  Small Investors Relentless Short Squeezes, 09/29/2021
  Why 200 Companies Joined Amazons Climate Pledge, 09/29/2021
  Release - Genprex Strengthens Management Team with Appointments of Industry Leaders, 09/28/2021
  QuickChek - September 28, 2021, 09/28/2021
  Release - Kratos Receives $3.2 Million Contract Award for Next Generation Small Engine Development for National Security Program, 09/28/2021
  Release - Allegiant Receives Final BLM Approval At Flagship Eastside Project, Increasing Permitted Area By 600 Percent, 09/28/2021
  Release - FenixOro Drills 23.2 gt Gold in Newly Discovered Cascada Vein, 09/28/2021
  What Evergrande Confirmed About Gold and Bitcoin, 09/28/2021
  Release - Orion Group Holdings Inc Announces Contract Awards of Approximately $22 Million Value Could Increase, 09/28/2021
  Release - Neovasc REDUCER-I Study Published in EuroIntervention Journal, 09/28/2021
  Will SPACs Get Recharged on Polestar EV Merger?, 09/28/2021
  Release - Kratos Receives $13.2 Million in C5ISR System Product Awards, 09/27/2021
  QuickChek - September 27, 2021, 09/27/2021
  Release - Aurania Intersects Silver-Zinc Mineralization in Hole 3 at Tiria-Shimpia, 09/27/2021
  Release - Gevo Awarded Patent for Process to Upgrade or Convert Ethanol and Bio-based Alcohols to Drop-In Hydrocarbon Fuels, 09/27/2021
  Release - Palladium One To Host Town Hall Meeting September 28 2021, 09/27/2021
  Michael Burrys Tweet and Delete, 09/27/2021
  Crypto for Marijuana Transactions, 09/25/2021
  Biologists Identify New Targets for Cancer Vaccines, 09/24/2021
  Release - Item 9 Labs Corp.s Dispensary Franchise Expands NE Footprint into 2 New States, 09/24/2021
  QuickChek - September 24, 2021, 09/24/2021
  Release - Onconova Therapeutics Inc. Announces Pricing Of $21 Million Public Offering Of Common Stock, 09/24/2021
  The Chinese Ban Impacts More than Crypto Coins, 09/24/2021
  Pass Rate on Chartered Financial Analyst Exam Drops Even Lower, 09/23/2021
  Release - Gevo Acquires Butamax Patent Estate, 09/23/2021
  QuickChek - September 23, 2021, 09/23/2021
  Release - Capstone Green Energy Receives Two Orders for Innovative Carbon-Neutral Renewable Energy Systems, 09/23/2021
  Release - CoreCivic Announces Upsizing and Pricing of Tack-On Offering of $225 Million 8.25 Percent Senior Notes Due 2026, 09/23/2021
  Release - CanAlaska Deals Three Uranium Projects in the Athabasca Basin, 09/23/2021
  Release - Ayala Pharmaceuticals Announces Publication Highlighting Clinical Activity of its Gamma Secretase Inhibitor AL101 in Desmoid Tumors, 09/23/2021
  You Can Own a Piece of r wallstreetbets, 09/23/2021
  Release - Onconova Therapeutics Announces Encouraging Clinical Data Supporting The Anti-Cancer Activity Of Rigosertib-Nivolumab Combination, 09/22/2021
  QuickChek - September 22, 2021, 09/22/2021
  Release - Orion Group Holdings Inc. Announces Contract Awards of Approximately $35 Million, 09/22/2021
  Release - Orion Group Holdings Inc. Announces Contract Awards of Approximately $26 Million, 09/22/2021
  Release - CoreCivic Announces Proposed Tack-On Offering of $100 Million of 8.25 Percent Senior Notes Due 2026, 09/22/2021
  Release - Aurania Announces a Change to its Board of Directors, 09/22/2021
  Release - Comstock Commences Production At Mercury And Gold Extraction Facility, 09/22/2021
  Coinbase to Propose a Regulatory Framework for Digital Currency, 09/22/2021
  Facebooks Practice of Whitelisting Accounts is Being Reviewed, 09/22/2021
  Lithium Prices Continue Their Ascent, 09/21/2021
  Release - CoreCivic Enters Into New Lease Agreement with the State of New Mexico at the Northwest New Mexico Correctional Center, 09/21/2021
  QuickChek - September 21, 2021, 09/21/2021
  Cumulus Media Releases New Investor Presentation, 09/21/2021
  Release - Engine Medias WinView Games Announces Partnership with Atlanta Radio Station 680 The Fan, 09/21/2021
  Telsas Competitive Headwinds, 09/21/2021
  Release - Kratos Delivers First Order to Northrop Grumman for U.S. Armys Tactical Intelligence Targeting Access Node Prototype Program, 09/20/2021
  QuickChek - September 20, 2021, 09/20/2021
  Release - Capstone Green Energy Distributor E-Finity Secures 2.4 Megawatt Order to Power Major Caribbean Resort, 09/20/2021
  Release - The U.S. Department of Energys Argonne National Laboratory Team Up with Gevo, 09/20/2021
  Release - Driven By Stem Announces the Acquisition of Artifact Extracts Salem Delivery Capabilities, and Two Additional Dispensaries, 09/20/2021
  Release - Mining Veteran Tom Obradovich Joins FenixOro Advisory Committee, 09/20/2021
  Release - electroCore Announces Peter Cuneo as Board Chairman, 09/20/2021
  Release - PDS Biotech Achieves Safety Requirement Milestone For the First 12 Patients in the VERSATILE-002 Phase 2 Combination Trial, 09/20/2021
  Large Fossil Fuel Companies Not Participating at UN Climate Meeting, 09/20/2021
  Release - Bunker Hill Announces Updated PEA, 09/20/2021
  Release - Lineage to Present at the 2021 Cantor Virtual Global Healthcare Conference on September 27 2021, 09/20/2021
  Release - CoreCivic Provides Update on U.S. Marshals Service Contract for the West Tennessee Detention Facility, 09/17/2021
  QuickChek - September 17, 2021, 09/17/2021
  Release - Eagle Bulk Shipping Inc. Takes Delivery of MV Antwerp Eagle, 09/17/2021
  Esports Game Makers Many Profit Centers, 09/17/2021
  Is Masterworks the Robinhood of the Art Collecting World?, 09/17/2021
  Cathie Wood Clears Way to Invest in Bitcoin ETFs from Canada, 09/17/2021
  Release - Energy Fuels Establishes the San Juan County Clean Energy Foundation with Potential to Contribute Millions to Local Communities, 09/16/2021
  Release - Energy Fuels Hosts Mining Environmental and Political Heavyweights to Showcase Uranium Activities and Introduce Production of Rare Earths at its Blanding Utah Facility, 09/16/2021
  QuickChek - September 16, 2021, 09/16/2021
  Release - Pro Football Retired Players Association Announces Partnership with Esports Entertainment Group for Its Gridiron Gaming Initiative, 09/16/2021
  Release - Ayala Pharmaceuticals Presents Preliminary Clinical Data from the Ongoing Phase 2 ACCURACY Trial, 09/16/2021
  Release - Neovasc Announces FDA Approval of COSIRA-II Clinical Trial, 09/16/2021
  Edge Computing Can Take AI Out of the Cloud and to the Moon, 09/16/2021
  AMC Theaters Now Accepts 4 Cryptocurrencies, 09/16/2021
  Release - CanAlaska Options Key Extension Uranium Project, 09/15/2021
  QuickChek - September 15, 2021, 09/15/2021
  Release - Lineage - Interim results from its ongoing 24-patient Phase 1 2a clinical study of OpRegen, 09/15/2021
  Release - electroCore Announces New Patent Expanding Claims Related to Delivery of Non-Invasive Vagus Nerve Stimulation Therapy Using Mobile Devices, 09/15/2021
  Release - Lifeist Wellness Announces Debut of New Ticker LFST on TSX Venture Exchange , 09/15/2021
  Release - Indonesia Energy Discovers Oil in Its Second Back-to-Back New Well at Kruh Block, 09/15/2021
  Release - Esports Entertainment Group's ggCircuit Partners with Square on Retail Integration Software, 09/15/2021
  Why are Crude Oil Prices Rising?, 09/15/2021
  The Cost of Pandemic Inspired Cybercrime in Education, 09/15/2021
  Release - PDS Biotech Reports An Inducement Grant Under NASDAQ Listing Rule 5635(c)(4), 09/15/2021
  Release - Helius Medical Technologies Inc. Appoints Paul Buckman to its Board of Directors, 09/14/2021
  QuickChek - September 14, 2021, 09/14/2021
  Release - electroCore Announces 510k Clearance of gammaCore nVNS to Treat Paroxysmal Hemicrania and Hemicrania Continua, 09/14/2021
  Release - Gray Television Purchases Third Rail Studios, 09/14/2021
  Will the SEC Allow ETFs to Own Cryptocurrency?, 09/14/2021
  The Results of the Last Five Years of Market Crash Talk, 09/14/2021
  Release - Opregen Data Update Will Be Featured at 54th Annual Retina Society Meeting in Podium Presentation by Christopher D. Riemann M.D., 09/13/2021
  QuickChek - September 13, 2021, 09/13/2021
  Release - White House Coordinates Efforts of Departments of Energy Transportation and Agriculture to Meet the Grand Challenge, 09/13/2021
  Release - Aurania Refines Tatasham Target In Preparation For Drilling, 09/13/2021
  Release - Kratos Receives $338 Million Sole Source Contract Award for Target Drones from U.S. Air Force, 09/13/2021
  Release - Esports Entertainment Group Opens New Jersey Office Expands Hiring Ahead of Vie Launch, 09/13/2021
  What is the Sustainable Aviation Fuel Grand Challenge?, 09/13/2021
  The SpaceX Inspiration4 Will Bring Space Tourism Close to Reality, 09/13/2021
  Why Investors Have Consistently Bought the Dip in 2021, 09/11/2021
  Release - Kratos Awarded $2.8 Million to Prototype Infrastructure Hardware and Software for Unified Data Library (UDL) to Support U.S. DoD, 09/10/2021
  QuickChek - September 10, 2021, 09/10/2021
  Release - Capstone Green Energy To Provide Ontario Greenhouse with Clean Combined Heat and Power Microgrid Solution, 09/10/2021
  Release - Namaste Technologies Continues Evolution to Wellness and Confirms Corporate Name Change to Lifeist Wellness Inc., 09/10/2021
  SEC Investigates Digital Engagement Practices in Broker Apps, 09/10/2021
  Seven Charts Showing The 18 Month Pandemic Journey, 09/10/2021
  Release - Kratos Provides Multiple Advanced Missile Targets For Flight Test Aegis Weapon System 33, 09/09/2021
  QuickChek - September 9, 2021, 09/09/2021
  Release - PDS Biotech Completes Enrollment of Lead-In Safety Cohort in VERSATILE-002 Phase 2 Combination Trial of PDS0101-KEYTRUDA in Recurrent or Metastatic Head and Neck Cancer, 09/09/2021
  Release - Comstock Acquires Plain Sight Innovations Corporation, 09/09/2021
  Release - Chevron Gevo Announce Intent to Pursue Sustainable Aviation Fuel Investment, 09/09/2021
  Release - Comtech Comments on Director Nominations Notice, 09/09/2021
  Release - Coeur Provides Exploration Update, 09/09/2021
  Chevron Collaborating on Three Green Energy Categories, 09/09/2021
  Cathie Wood Selling Fortnite and League of Legends Owners, 09/09/2021
  Release - Ocugen Inc. to Present at Upcoming Citi and H.C. Wainwright Investment Conferences, 09/08/2021
  Release - Aurania Completes its First Environment, Social and Governance Report, 09/08/2021
  QuickChek - September 8, 2021, 09/08/2021
  Release - Voyager Digital Partners with Football Star Rob Gronkowski to Expand Crypto Platform and Support Gronk Nation, 09/08/2021
  Release - Voyager Virtually Opens The Market, 09/08/2021
  Release - Seanergy Takes Delivery of its 17th Capesize MV Worldship with Immediate Commencement of Period Charter, 09/08/2021
  Release - Euroseas Ltd. Announces a Minimum Two-Month $200000 per day Charter Contract for MV Synergy Oakland, 09/08/2021
  Advertising Results are Becoming a Guessing Game on Some Social Media, 09/08/2021
  Coinbase Receives an Enforcement Letter from the SEC, 09/08/2021
  Channelchek C-Suite Interview Series, 09/08/2021
  Release - Gevo Announces Plans for Hydrocarbon-Process Pilot Unit at Luverne Facility, 09/07/2021
  QuickChek - September 7, 2021, 09/07/2021
  Release - Chakana Reports Significant Intercepts at Soledad Peru, 09/07/2021
  Release - enCore Energy and Azarga Uranium To Combine To Create Leading American Uranium ISR Company, 09/07/2021
  Release - Euroseas Ltd. Announces Agreement to Acquire a 1740 teu Container Vessel, 09/07/2021
  Release - Esports Entertainment Group Becomes a 20 Percent Partner in Game Fund Partners General Partnership, 09/07/2021
  Release - Seanergy Participates in Noble Capital Markets Virtual Road Show Series, 09/07/2021
  Release - Palladium One Announces Resource Estimate for Haukiaho Zone Doubles Endowment at LK Project, Finland, 09/07/2021
  The Coup in Guinea is Impacting Aluminum, 09/07/2021
  Academic Thoughts on Teslas Robots, 09/07/2021
  SPAC Supply Provides Rare Opportunity, 09/03/2021
  Release - Sabre Gold Completes Acquisition of Golden Predator, 09/03/2021
  QuickChek - September 3, 2021, 09/03/2021
  Release - Garibaldi Completes Airborne Geophysical Surveys Arranges $12 Million Finance Facility With Alumina Partners, 09/03/2021
  Release - Namaste Provides Corporate Update, 09/03/2021
  Uranium Mining Stocks are on Fire Heres Why, 09/03/2021
  Bitcoin is Now Money in El Salvador, 09/03/2021
  Release - Energy Fuels Issues Reminder Regarding Expiration of Warrants, 09/02/2021
  QuickChek - September 2, 2021, 09/02/2021
  Release - Esports Entertainment Group Partnering with Real Cricket 20 to Provide Software Integration for First Global Tournament, 09/02/2021
  Release - Salem Podcast Network Launches Daybreak Insider Daily Podcast, 09/02/2021
  Release - Tampa Bay Buccaneers Name Esports Entertainment Group as Its Official Esports Tournament Platform in Multi-Year Deal, 09/02/2021
  The Micro and Macro of Economics and Human Behavior, 09/02/2021
  The Netflix Model for Pharmaceuticals, 09/02/2021
  Release - Sabre Gold and Golden Predator Announce Anticipated Plan of Arrangement Closing Attendance at Precious Metals Summit, 09/02/2021
  Release - Entravision Continues Digital and International Expansion with Full Acquisition of the Remaining Interest in Cisneros Interactive, 09/01/2021
  QuickChek - September 1, 2021, 09/01/2021
  Release - Endeavour Silver Completes Acquisition Of Bruner Gold Project In Nye County Nevada, 09/01/2021
  Release - Lineage Announces Appointment of General Counsel, 09/01/2021
  Release - Capstone Green Energy Announces the Appointment of Ping Fu Former CEO of Geomagic to the Board of Directors, 09/01/2021
  Release - ProMIS Neurosciences appoints accomplished biotechnology executive Josh Mandel-Brehm to its Board of Directors, 09/01/2021
  The Proposed Ark Index-Based ETF is Appealing to ESG Investors, 09/01/2021
  Afghanistans Riches Put in Perspective in Todays Economy, 09/01/2021
  August Market Recap and September 2021 Outlook, 09/01/2021
  Noble Capital Markets Uranium Power Players Investor Forum, 08/31/2021
  Release - Voyager Digital Completes Historic Token Merger, 08/31/2021
  Release - Item 9 Labs Corp. Secures $19 Million Construction-Financing Loan with Pelorus Equity Group, 08/31/2021
  ESPN Seeks $3 Billion to License Its Name to Sports Betting Operator, 08/31/2021
  Will Free Trades Disappear?, 08/31/2021
  Release - ACCO Brands Strengthens Leadership to Fuel Growth, 08/30/2021
  Release - Comtech Telecommunications Corp. Awarded $3.7 Million in Orders from the U.S. Army for Mobile Satellite Equipment, 08/30/2021
  Release - Kratos OpenSpace Satellite Ground System Platform Now Supports Deployments on Red Hat OpenStack Cloud, 08/30/2021
  Release - CanAlaska Presenting at Uranium Power Players Summit, 08/30/2021
  Infinite Energy Through Nuclear Fusion, 08/30/2021
  QuickChek - August 30, 2021, 08/30/2021
  Release - Esports Entertainment Groups Esports Betting Brand Named Primary Sponsor of Brazils SG esports, 08/30/2021
  Will the Toys all Make it to Port in Time for Christmas?, 08/30/2021
  Today's Feature, 08/30/2021
  Will Real Estate Investors Pack up and Leave the Market?, 08/28/2021
  Technologies to Increase Battery Storage 3000 Percent, 08/27/2021
  Fed Chairman Addresses Inflation Tapering and Employment at Jackson Hole Summit, 08/27/2021
  Release - Arizona Gold and Golden Predator Shareholders Approve Business Combination, 08/26/2021
  QuickChek - August 26, 2021, 08/26/2021
  Release - 1-800-FLOWERS.COM Inc. Reports Record Revenues for its Fiscal 2021 Fourth Quarter and Full Year, 08/26/2021
  Release - Gevo Files for Environmental Permits in South Dakota for the Net-Zero 1 Project, 08/26/2021
  Release - Comtech Telecommunications Corp. Awarded $2.1 Million of Funding, 08/26/2021
  Release - Ceapro Inc. Reports 2021 Second Quarter and Six-Month Financial Results and Operational Highlights, 08/26/2021
  Are There Enough ESG Stocks to Go Around?, 08/26/2021
  The Choppy Road to Tomorrows Energy Solutions, 08/26/2021
  Release - Aurania Identifies New Epithermal Gold-Silver Target in Ecuador, 08/25/2021
  QuickChek - August 25, 2021, 08/25/2021
  Release - Kratos Air Wolf Tactical Drone System Completes Successful Flight at Burns Flat Oklahoma Range Facility, 08/25/2021
  Release - Kymeta and Comtech Telecommunications Corp. Announce Technology and Business Development Partnership, 08/25/2021
  Which Autonomous Cars Have the Best Safety Record?, 08/25/2021
  Release - Indonesia Energy Commences Drilling of Second of Three Back-to-Back Wells, 08/25/2021
  Release - Great Bear Adds to LP Fault Gold Zone at Both Ends of Drill Grid, 08/25/2021
  Timeline and Funding for Advanced Nuclear Designs, 08/25/2021
  Release - Schwazze Signs Definitive Agreement to Acquire Colorado Cultivation Grower Brow 2 LLC, 08/24/2021
  QuickChek - August 24, 2021, 08/24/2021
  Release - Comtech Telecommunications Corp. Awarded $6.3 Million in Contracts for High-Power Ka-Band TWTAs, 08/24/2021
  Release - electroCore Announces New Reseller Agreement with Red One Medical Devices LLC, 08/24/2021
  Financial Services Executives Interest in Blockchain and Digital Assets, 08/24/2021
  Blockchain Smart Contract Applications, 08/24/2021
  The Taliban Assumes Stewardship of Afghanistans Rich Strategic Mineral Resources, 08/23/2021
  Release - Capstone Green Energy Expands Rental Fleet to 13.1 MW, 08/23/2021
  QuickChek - August 23, 2021, 08/23/2021
  Release - Ceapro Inc. Enters into Research Collaboration with the Angiogenesis Foundation for Beta Glucan and Avenanthramides, 08/23/2021
  Release - TAAL Announces 2021 Second-Quarter Revenue of $6.7 Million and Adjusted EBITDA of $629000, 08/23/2021
  Release - Voyager Digital Announces Conditional Approval to List on the Toronto Stock Exchange, 08/23/2021
  Release - EuroDry Ltd. Announces Agreement to Acquire MV Ruby Asia II a 2014- Built Ultramax Bulker, 08/23/2021
  California to Add Five Natural Gas Power Plants, 08/23/2021
  Release - Aurania Receives Approval On Amendment Of Warrant Terms, 08/20/2021
  QuickChek - August 20, 2021, 08/20/2021
  Release - Comtech Telecommunications Corp. to Participate in Midwest IDEAS Investor Conference, 08/20/2021
  Investor Information on Three Segments of the Uranium Energy Sector, 08/20/2021
  What Happens if Your SPAC Doesnt Find its Ideal Acquisition?, 08/20/2021
  High Tech Search for Copper, 08/20/2021
  Release - Energy Services of America Corporation Appoints Brian Pratt to the Companys Board, 08/19/2021
  QuickChek - August 19, 2021, 08/19/2021
  Release - Aurania Provides Update on Drilling at Tsenken and Tiria-Shimpia Targets, 08/19/2021
  Release - Comtech Telecommunications Corp. Awarded 5G Contract with Canadian Wireless Network Operator, 08/19/2021
  Release - Great Bear Begins Phase 2 Drilling at Dixie Project, 08/19/2021
  Dogecoin Group Works to Give Currency Greater Purpose, 08/19/2021
  Release - Schwazze Announces Star Buds Colorado Home Delivery Services, 08/19/2021
  Designing Shape Changing Strong Materials, 08/19/2021
  Release - Kratos Announces Continued Product Growth Supporting Virtualized Satellite Ground Systems, 08/18/2021
  QuickChek - August 18, 2021, 08/18/2021
  Release - Stem Holdings Inc. dba Driven By Stem Announces Record Sales and Gross Margin for the Third Quarter, 08/18/2021
  Release - Comtech Telecommunications Corp. Awarded $4.7 Million Contract with Channel Partner, 08/18/2021
  Will Investors Keep Reducing Leverage?, 08/18/2021
  Release - Schwazze Announces Second Quarter Results, 08/17/2021
  QuickChek - August 17, 2021, 08/17/2021
  Release - Skyborg Vanguard Takes Next Steps Toward Program of Record, 08/17/2021
  Release - Helius Medical Technologies, Inc. Announces FDA Breakthrough Device Designation, 08/17/2021
  Release - Palladium One Corporate Update, 08/17/2021
  Noble Capital Markets Uranium Power Players Investor Forum - Presenting Companies, 08/17/2021
  Why Michael Burry has Better Opportunity Than Cathie Wood, 08/17/2021
  Evaluating Opportunity With the iPhone New Marijuana Policy, 08/17/2021
  Release - Capstone Green Energys United Kingdom Integrated Remanufacturing Facility Expands its Global Remanufacturing Training and Support Capabilities, 08/16/2021
  QuickChek - August 16, 2021, 08/16/2021
  Release - Cocrystal Pharma Reports Second Quarter 2021 Financial Results and Provides Antiviral Program and Milestone Updates, 08/16/2021
  Release - Sierra Metals Announces Update Of 10000 Tonnes Per Day Positive Preliminary Economic Assessment Results, 08/16/2021
  Release - Comtech Telecommunications Corp. Awarded $1.7 Million Contract for COMET Terminals, 08/16/2021
  Will Inflation and Low Growth Kick Off a Gold Bull Market?, 08/16/2021
  Release - Comtech Telecommunications Corp. to Showcase 911 Solutions for States and Local Jurisdictions at APCO 2021, 08/16/2021
  Why Walmart Embracing Cryptocurrency is Important, 08/16/2021
  Release - Gevo Releases IMPACT an Environmental Social and Corporate Governance Report, 08/16/2021
  Release - Salem Media Announces Promotion of Jamie Cohen, 08/16/2021
  COLA Increases for Seniors in 2022 Will Likely Top $68 Billion, 08/15/2021
  Release - Gevo Reports Second Quarter 2021 Financial Results, 08/13/2021
  QuickChek - August 13, 2021, 08/13/2021
  Release - Schwazze to Host Second Quarter 2021 Conference Call Webcast - August 16 2021, 08/13/2021
  Debt Limit Debates Impact on Stocks and U.S. Credit Ratings, 08/13/2021
  Release - Harte Hanks Reports Second Quarter 2021 Financial Results, 08/13/2021
  Release - Onconova Therapeutics Reports Second Quarter 2021 Financial Results And Provides Business Update, 08/13/2021
  Release - OSS Reports Q2 2021 Revenue up 28 to $14.9 Million Delivering Income of $1.7 Million or $0.09 per Share, 08/13/2021
  Release - Helius Medical Technologies, Inc. Reports Second Quarter 2021 Financial Results, 08/13/2021
  Release - Ayala Pharmaceuticals Reports Second Quarter 2021 Financial Results and Provides Business Update, 08/13/2021
  Release - Esports Entertainment Group Signs Exclusive Content Partnership with ESTV EsportsTV, 08/13/2021
  Whats in the Infrastructure Bill for US Battery Production?, 08/13/2021
  Release - Capstone Green Energy (NASDAQ:CGRN) Reports First Quarter Fiscal 2022 Financial Results, 08/12/2021
  QuickChek - August 12, 2021, 08/12/2021
  Release - Euroseas Ltd. Reports Results for the Six-Month Period and Quarter Ended June 30 2021 and Announces Three-year Charter for its Vessel MV Diamantis P., 08/12/2021
  Release - Kelly Reports Second-Quarter 2021 Earnings and Announces Dividend, 08/12/2021
  Traditional Energy Resources Have Been Shrinking, 08/12/2021
  Release - Comtech Telecommunications Corp. Awarded $3.6 Million in Contracts for Military X-band SSPAs, 08/12/2021
  Release - ProMIS Neurosciences Announces Second Quarter 2021 Results, 08/12/2021
  Exploration and Production Review and Outlook - Noble Capital Markets Energy Sector Review - Q2 2021, 08/11/2021
  Release - PLBY Group Reports Second Quarter 2021 Financial Results, 08/11/2021
  Release - PLBY Group Closes Previously Announced Acquisition of Honey Birdette, 08/11/2021
  QuickChek - August 11, 2021, 08/11/2021
  Release - Vectrus Announces Strong Second Quarter Results Increases Revenue and Adjusted Diluted EPS Guidance, 08/11/2021
  Release - Neovasc Announces Second Quarter 2021 Financial Results, 08/11/2021
  Metals and Mining Review and Outlook - Noble Capital Markets Natural Resources Sector Review - Q2 2021, 08/11/2021
  Release - Comtech Telecommunications Corp. Awarded $1.0 Million Contract for 5G Support with a Tier-One U.S. Carrier, 08/11/2021
  Release - Dr. Chris Ryan and Lynn Smull to Participate in a Water Tower Research Fireside Chat on Wednesday August 18, 2021 at 4:00 pm EDT, 08/11/2021
  Release - Ceapro Inc. Expands Collaboration with Montreal Heart Institute (MHI) with New Clinical Study Evaluating Flagship Product Avenanthramide, 08/11/2021
  SPAC Correlation in a Diversified Portfolio, 08/11/2021
  Robo-Attorneys Could Put Some Law Work at Risk, 08/11/2021
  Release - Digerati Case Studies By Industry, 08/11/2021
  Powerful Technologies Borrowed from Nature, 08/10/2021
  Release - Comtech Telecommunications Corp. Awarded $1.0 Million Contract for High-Power Amplifiers, 08/10/2021
  QuickChek - August 10, 2021, 08/10/2021
  Release - Study of Non-Invasive Vagus Nerve Stimulation Shows Improvement in PTSD Symptoms and Decreased Inflammatory Response to Stress, 08/10/2021
  Release - Lineage to Present at the H.C. Wainwright Ophthalmology Conference on August 17 2021, 08/10/2021
  Release - Comstock Announces Second Quarter 2021 Results and Business Update, 08/10/2021
  Release - Flotek Announces Second Quarter 2021 Results, 08/10/2021
  Release - CoreCivic Reports Second Quarter 2021 Financial Results, 08/10/2021
  Release - Sierra Metals Reports Consolidated Financial Results for the Second Quarter of 2021 and Provides Revised Guidance for 2021, 08/10/2021
  Release - Endeavour Silver Reports Financial Results for the Second Quarter 2021 Earnings Conference Call at 10am PDT (1pm EDT) Today, 08/10/2021
  Tax Treatment for Crypto Miners Could Cause U.S. Exodus, 08/10/2021
  Release - Gevo to Sell Renewable Natural Gas to bp, 08/09/2021
  QuickChek - August 9, 2021, 08/09/2021
  Release - QuoteMedia Q2 2021 Financial Results and Investors Conference Call August 12 2021, 08/09/2021
  Release - Information Services Group Announces Second-Quarter 2021 Results, 08/09/2021
  Release - 1-800-FLOWERS.COM Inc. to Release Results for its Fiscal 2021 Fourth Quarter and Full Year on Thursday August 26 2021, 08/09/2021
  Will the Fed Taper and Kill the Strength of Stocks and Commodities?, 08/09/2021
  How Many More Stimulus Checks?, 08/09/2021
  Release - enCore Energy Corp. Announces Clarification on Uranium Sales Agreement News Release, 08/06/2021
  Release - Ocugen Provides Business Update and Second Quarter 2021 Financial Results, 08/06/2021
  QuickChek - August 6, 2021, 08/06/2021
  Release - Aurania Announces Proposed Amendments to Certain Outstanding Unlisted Warrants, 08/06/2021
  Release - ACCO Brands Corporation Declares Quarterly Dividend, 08/06/2021
  Release - Euroseas Ltd. Sets Date for the Release of Second Quarter 2021 Results Conference Call and Webcast, 08/06/2021
  Release - Eagle Bulk Shipping Inc. Reports Second Quarter 2021 Results, 08/06/2021
  Release - Entravision Communications Corporation Reports Second Quarter 2021 Results, 08/06/2021
  Are Earnings Important for Young Media Companies?, 08/06/2021
  Developing Drugs with the Help of Transcription Factors, 08/06/2021
  Is the U.S. Dollar Still the Dominant Currency?, 08/06/2021
  Release - Gray Announces Quarterly Cash Dividend Of $0.08 Per Share, 08/05/2021
  QuickChek - August 5, 2021, 08/05/2021
  Release - Comtech Telecommunications Corp. Awarded $1.4 Million Contract for RF Microwave Control Components, 08/05/2021
  Release - Esports Entertainment Group to Become LA Chargers Official Esports Tournament Platform Provider in a Multi-Year Deal, 08/05/2021
  Release - Lineage Cell Therapeutics to Report Second Quarter 2021 Financial Results and Provide Business Update on August 12 2021, 08/05/2021
  Release - Salem Media Group Inc. Announces Second Quarter 2021 Total Revenue of $63.8 Million, 08/05/2021
  Release - Genco Shipping Trading Limited Announces Second Quarter Financial Results, 08/05/2021
  Release - EuroDry Ltd. Reports Results for the Six-Month Period and Quarter Ended June 30 2021, 08/05/2021
  Hydrogen Powered Transportation May Include Planes by 2025, 08/05/2021
  Automakers Goals Provide Rich Investment Opportunity, 08/05/2021
  Release - Gray Reports Second Quarter Operating Results, 08/05/2021
  Release - Kratos Reports Second Quarter Financial Results, 08/04/2021
  QuickChek - August 4, 2021, 08/04/2021
  Release - Gevos Luverne Facility Re-Starts Production Operations, 08/04/2021
  Release - TherapeuticsMD Announces Second Quarter 2021 Financial Results, 08/04/2021
  Release - Capstone Green Energy Corporation to Provide 1 MW Biogas Power System for Wastewater Treatment Facility in Central America, 08/04/2021
  Release - enCore Energy Corp. Announces Uranium Sales Agreement, 08/04/2021
  Release - Comstock Mining Announces Notice of Second Quarter 2021 Results Business Update Webcast Via Zoom, 08/04/2021
  Release - Comtech Telecommunications Corp. Awarded $1.5 Million Contract for SATCOM Antenna Feeds, 08/04/2021
  Release - Esports Entertainment Group Co-Producing 24th Annual East Coast Gaming Congress in Atlantic City on October 25-26, 08/04/2021
  Release - Allegiant Announces Filing Of Preliminary Short Form Prospectus And Updated Technical Report For Previously Announced Bought Deal Offering, 08/04/2021
  From Robinhood to Rocket $HOOD, 08/04/2021
  Release - Voyager Digital Partners with Usio to Enable Merchants and ISVs to Accept Cryptocurrency as a Form of Payment, 08/04/2021
  Service Sector Activity Hits Record High in July, 08/04/2021
  Release - Comtech Telecommunications Corp. Awarded $2.1 Million Order for Full-Motion Tracking Systems from Commercial Space Entity, 08/03/2021
  QuickChek - August 3, 2021, 08/03/2021
  Release - Charity Holman Promoted to General Manager of WVVA in Bluefield WV, 08/03/2021
  Release - Sierra Metals Subsidiary in Peru Sociedad Minera Corona Reports Q2-2021 Financial Results, 08/03/2021
  Release - Euroseas Ltd. Announces New Charter for One Of Its Vessels MV EM Spetses, 08/03/2021
  Would a 25 Percent Tax on Marijuana Encourage Illegal Dealing?, 08/03/2021
  Release - Esports Entertainment Group Launches New Pay-and-Play Casino Brand Targeting the Finnish Market, 08/03/2021
  Should the Market Continue To be Concerned with Covid Cases?, 08/03/2021
  Release - electroCore to Present at the Canaccord Genuity Growth Conference, 08/02/2021
  QuickChek - August 2, 2021, 08/02/2021
  Release - Energy Fuels Announces Q2-2021 Results, 08/02/2021
  Release - Comtech Telecommunications Corp. Awarded Contract Valued up to $48.5 Million for Statewide Next Generation 911 Technologies and Services, 08/02/2021
  Release - Entravision Announces Launch of Real Country Format in Sacramento Market, 08/02/2021
  The Worst Trading Months of the Year (Statistically), 08/02/2021
  Stealth Digital Asset Bill Surprises Crypto Market, 08/02/2021
  Release - Voyager Digital Acquires Leading Global Cryptocurrency Payment Processing Company Coinify, 08/02/2021
  Inflation is Way Above Target - Fed Doesnt Adjust Aim, 08/01/2021
  Release - Ocugen to Host Conference Call on Friday August 6, 07/30/2021
  QuickChek - July 30, 2021, 07/30/2021
  Release - Bunker Hill Achieves U.S. Market Upgrade to OTCQB, 07/30/2021
  Release - Namaste Technologies Reports Second Quarter 2021 Financial Results, 07/30/2021
  Nuclear Powers New Paradigm Includes Microreactors, 07/30/2021
  HIPAA and Medical Privacy, 07/30/2021
  Release - Orion Group Holdings Inc. Reports Second Quarter 2021 Results, 07/29/2021
  QuickChek - July 29, 2021, 07/29/2021
  Heres How the 100 Most Recognizable Companies Compare in Terms of Brand Reputation, 07/29/2021
  Release - Comtech Telecommunications Corp. Awarded Multi-Million Dollar Order for New Ground Station Development Contract, 07/29/2021
  Release - Comstock Forms Joint Venture with Lakeview Energy, 07/29/2021
  Release - Seanergy Maritime Holdings Corp. Reports Financial Results for the Second Quarter and Six Months Ended June 30 2021, 07/29/2021
  Release - Capstone Green Energy Signs a 10-Year Service Contract on 1.2 MWs of Microturbines Installed in the Fourth-Tallest Building in New York City , 07/29/2021
  Release - Energy Fuels Announces Strategic Alliance with RadTran LLC for the Recovery of Isotopes Needed for Emerging Cancer Therapeutics, 07/29/2021
  Release - Coeur Reports Second Quarter 2021 Results, 07/29/2021
  Release - Cocrystal Pharmas SARS-CoV-2 3CL Protease Lead CDI-45205 Demonstrates Broad-Spectrum Activity, 07/29/2021
  The FOMC and Senate Help Copper Advance, 07/29/2021
  Pass Rates on Financial Analyst Exam Drops 43 Percent in Three Months, 07/29/2021
  Release - Capstone Green Energy Wins Multiple Contracts With Wastewater Treatment Plants in Austria and Germany, 07/28/2021
  QuickChek - July 28, 2021, 07/28/2021
  Release - CanAlaska Appoints Two New Board Members and Advisor, 07/28/2021
  Release - Capstone Green Energy to Announce Its First Quarter Fiscal Year 2022 Financial Results on Wednesday August 11 2021 , 07/28/2021
  Release - Comtech Telecommunications Corp. Awarded $4.0 Million Contract Renewal with Channel Partner, 07/28/2021
  Release - PDS Biotechnology to Present Recent Phase 2 Human Clinical Data and On-Going Oncology Programs at Investor Conferences, 07/28/2021
  Release - Great Bear Completes Phase 1 Grid Drilling to 450 m Depth at LP Fault, 07/28/2021
  Is the Index Bubble Michael Burry Warned About Still Looming?, 07/28/2021
  Novel Ways to Combat Antibiotic Resistance, 07/28/2021
  Release - CoreCivic Announces 2021 Second Quarter Earnings Release and Conference Call Dates, 07/27/2021
  QuickChek - July 27, 2021, 07/27/2021
  Release - Flotek and Resolute Oil Collaborate to Expand Green Chemistry, 07/27/2021
  Release - electroCore Announces Issuance of New Patent for Migraine Treatment using Smartphones, 07/27/2021
  Release - OSS to Demonstrate Long-Range Visual Observation System at Sea-Air-Space Conference, August 2-4 2021, 07/27/2021
  Release - Comtech Telecommunications Corp. Awarded $1.1 Million Contract for High-Power Amplifiers, 07/27/2021
  Release - Seanergy Announces Delivery and Immediate Period Employment of one Capesize Vessel and New Bank Loan Facility, 07/27/2021
  Release - Palladium One Expands the Tyko Sulphide Nickel-Copper Project to 24500 hectares and Completes VTEM Survey, 07/27/2021
  Publicly Traded Chinese Companies Duty to Shareholders, 07/27/2021
  Release - Chakana Intersects 12m of Massive Sulfide with 27.39 Copper 967.7 gt Silver and 0.38 gt Gold at Soledad Peru, 07/27/2021
  Release - Arizona Gold and Golden Predator File Joint Circular, 07/27/2021
  Are ADRs Riskier than Stocks?, 07/27/2021
  Release - Comtech Telecommunications Corp. Awarded 35.8 Million Contract to Deploy Next Generation 911 Technologies and Services, 07/26/2021
  QuickChek - July 26, 2021, 07/26/2021
  Release - TherapeuticsMD to Report Second Quarter 2021 Results on August 4 2021, 07/26/2021
  Release - enCore Energy Announces Group 11 Technologies Update and Webinar, 07/26/2021
  Release - PDS Biotechnology Announces Conference Call and Webcast to Present Second Quarter 2021 Financial Results, 07/26/2021
  Amazon Suspected to be Accepting Bitcoin Soon, 07/26/2021
  Is the Internet at Risk of Becoming Destabilized?, 07/26/2021
  Robinhood’s IPO and its Place in Stock Market History, 07/24/2021
  Orion Group Holdings (ORN) - Heavy Spring Showers But Positive Outlook Intact, 07/23/2021
  Release - Comtech Telecommunications Corp. Receives Award from Frost Sullivan as Growth Leader in Next Generation 911 Technologies and Services, 07/23/2021
  QuickChek - July 23, 2021, 07/23/2021
  Release - Kratos to Present at the Jefferies Virtual Industrials Conference, 07/23/2021
  Cannabis Sales Growth Put in Perspective, 07/23/2021
  Criteria for Esports Olympic Play, 07/23/2021
  Release - Digerati Technologies Achieves Built for NetSuite Status, 07/23/2021
  Release - Entravisions Colorado News Team Wins 22 Emmy Awards, 07/22/2021
  QuickChek - July 22, 2021, 07/22/2021
  Release - Avivagen Announces Strategic Changes to Support Growth in Asia and South America, 07/22/2021
  Release - CanAlaska Mobilizes for West Athabasca Diamond Project, 07/22/2021
  Release - Comtech Names Judy Chambers to Board of Directors, 07/22/2021
  Bombshells from Musk Dorsey and Wood at Bitcoin Conference, 07/22/2021
  Release - Conrad Shipyard Hosted a Steel Cutting Ceremony for Great Lakes Dredge, 07/22/2021
  Release - Schwazze Closes Acquisition of Southern Colorado Growers, 07/22/2021
  NFT Collectible Marketplace for DRAFTKINGS, 07/22/2021
  Release - Sierra Metals Reports Second Quarter 2021 Production Results Including Record Throughput at Its Yauricocha Mine in Peru, 07/21/2021
  QuickChek - July 21, 2021, 07/21/2021
  Release - Travelzoo Reports Second Quarter 2021 Results, 07/21/2021
  B-Word Conference Launches Offensive on Behalf of Bitcoin, 07/21/2021
  Comtech Telecommunications Corp. Awarded Multi-Million Dollar Contract for WAN Optimization Equipment, 07/21/2021
  Release - Comstocks Linico To Recycle 100000 Tons Of Lithium-Ion Batteries Per Year, 07/21/2021
  Release - Aurania Reports that Drilling at Tsenken N1 Provides Evidence of a Link with the Tiria-Shimpia Target, 07/21/2021
  Todays Drug Policies are Part of a Long History, 07/21/2021
  Release - Endeavour Silver Signs Agreement To Acquire Bruner Gold Project In Nye County Nevada, 07/20/2021
  QuickChek - July 20, 2021, 07/20/2021
  When Was the Shortest Recession in Your Lifetime?, 07/20/2021
  Release - Capstone Green Energy CEO Darren Jamison To Participate In Water Tower Research Fireside Chat Series, 07/20/2021
  Release - enCore Energy Provides South Texas Uranium Operations Update, 07/20/2021
  Release - OpRegen Clinical Data Continues to Demonstrate Functional and Anatomical Improvements in Patients With Dry AMD With Geographic Atrophy, 07/20/2021
  Release - Indonesia Energy Discovers Oil in the First New Well at Kruh Block, 07/20/2021
  Release - Esports Entertainment Group Provides an Update on Crypto Mining Application for LAN Centers, 07/20/2021
  Release - Comtech Telecommunications Corp. Awarded 7.1 Million Emergency Alerts Contract to Enhance Nationwide Public Safety, 07/20/2021
  Robinhood Still Opening Doors with IPO, 07/20/2021
  Is Interest Paid on Crypto Holdings an SEC Violation?, 07/20/2021
  Release - Capstone Green Energy To Provide Hydrogen Blend Microturbines For Industrial Application In Europe, 07/19/2021
  QuickChek - July 19, 2021, 07/19/2021
  Release - electroCore announces Dr. Peter Staats to receive Lifetime Achievement Award, 07/19/2021
  Release - Comtech Telecommunications Corp. Awarded 3.2 Million Contract to Provide Additional Satellite Systems to Support the Brazilian Military, 07/19/2021
  Antimicrobial Resistance Problems and Investments, 07/19/2021
  Biofuels, Biodiversity and Climate Change, 07/19/2021
  Will Inflation be Transitory or Persistent?, 07/18/2021
  Sports and Esports M&A in High Gear, 07/16/2021
  Squares Decentralized Finance Business, 07/16/2021
  Release - Ocugen, Inc. Announces Initiation of Rolling Submission to Health Canada for COVAXIN, 07/15/2021
  QuickChek - July 15, 2021, 07/15/2021
  Greener Alternatives to Bitcoin Mining, 07/15/2021
  Release - International Consolidated Uranium Enters the U.S. Uranium Sector with Transformational Acquisition and Strategic Alliance with Energy Fuels, 07/15/2021
  Release - CanAlaska Appoints New Vice President Exploration, 07/15/2021
  Release - Motorsport Games Signs Agreement To Bring The Official Indycar Game To Market, 07/15/2021
  NASA Issues Nuclear Propulsion Design Contracts for Artemis Missions, 07/15/2021
  Release - Capstone Green Energy Corporation Secures 5-Year Service Contract on Butane-Fueled C1000S at AGL Energy's LPG Facility in Australia, 07/14/2021
  QuickChek - July 14, 2021, 07/14/2021
  Release - Sierra Metals Provides Update on Strategic Review Process, 07/14/2021
  Release - Salem Media Group Announces Carl Jackson to Replace Larry Elder, 07/14/2021
  Release - CoreCivic Announces Participation in Noble Capital Markets Virtual Road Show Series, 07/14/2021
  Release - Seanergy Announces New Time Charter Agreement and New Financing Agreement of 30.9 million, 07/14/2021
  About the New Cannabis Administration and Opportunity Act, 07/14/2021
  Release - Esports Entertainment Group Completes Acquisition of Bethard Adding Swedish and Spanish Licensed Gaming Business, 07/14/2021
  Release - Gevo to Report Second Quarter 2021 Financial Results on August 12 2021, 07/14/2021
  Release - PsyBio Therapeutics Announces Uplisting to OTCQB Venture Market, 07/14/2021
  Release - Golden Predator Provides Update on Arizona Gold Transaction, 07/14/2021
  Psychedelic Laws and Investments May Follow Cannabis Success, 07/14/2021
  Channelchek Virtual Road Show Series, 07/14/2021
  Ad Tech - Back in the Saddle and Riding High - Noble Capital Markets Media Sector Review - July 2021, 07/13/2021
  Release - electroCore Provides Business Update and Select Second Quarter 2021 Financial Guidance, 07/13/2021
  QuickChek - July 13, 2021, 07/13/2021
  Release - OpRegen Data Update to Be Featured at 54th Annual Retina Society Meeting in Podium Presentation by Christopher D. Riemann M.D., 07/13/2021
  Release - Sierra Metals To Release Q2-2021 Consolidated Financial Results On Monday August 9th 2021, 07/13/2021
  Release - Neovasc Announces New Appointments in Regulatory and Clinical Leadership, 07/13/2021
  Christies Art and Tech Summit Will Bring Added Attention to NFTs, 07/13/2021
  CPI Could be Cause for Investors to Worry, 07/13/2021
  Suborbital Flight Explained, 07/13/2021
  The New Space Race, 07/12/2021
  Lithium-Ion Power vs Hydrogen Fuel Cell, 07/12/2021
  Lower Global Demand for Oil Could Mean Weaker Dollars , 07/10/2021
  Stablecoin Cryptocurrency Company in SPAC Merger, 07/09/2021
  Release - Capstone Green Energy Expands its Energy as a Service Business by Securing a 2 MW Long-Term Rental Contract, 07/09/2021
  Release - Kratos Partners with North American Wave Engine Corporation on Contract to Develop Versatile Air-Launched Platform, 07/09/2021
  QuickChek - July 9, 2021, 07/09/2021
  Release - Namaste Technologies Subsidiary CannMart Signs Master Distribution Agreement with Rapid Dose Therapeutics Corp., 07/09/2021
  Release - Playboy Collaborates with SuperRare to Present NFT Art Collection During Decentraland Art Week, 07/09/2021
  Release - Esports Entertainment Group Partners with Hall of Fame Resort and Entertainment Company to Become the Exclusive Esports Provider at the Hall of Fame Village Powered by Johnson Controls, 07/09/2021
  Small Caps are Bigger than Ever, Investors May Need to Adjust, 07/09/2021
  Release - Endeavour Silver Produces 1073724 Oz Silver And 11166 Oz Gold For 2.0 Million Oz Silver Equivalents In Q2 2021, 07/08/2021
  Release - Capstone Green Energy Signs 10-Year Service Contract On Energy Efficiency System At A Large Spirit Distillery In Jamaica, 07/08/2021
  Release - Helius Medical Technologies, Inc. to Participate in the Annual World Congress of the Society for Brain Mapping and Therapeutics, 07/08/2021
  QuickChek - July 8, 2021, 07/08/2021
  Release - Helius Medical Technologies Inc. Appoints Antonella Favit-Van Pelt M.D. Ph.D. as Chief Medical Officer, 07/08/2021
  Release - Playboy and Gaming Technologies Inc. Announce Partnership to Launch New Rummy Mobile Game in India, 07/08/2021
  OPEC Inspired Price Compressions Impact on Business, 07/08/2021
  Marijuana and Sports Where Officials Stand, 07/08/2021
  Stem Cell-Derived Retinal Pigment Epithelium Cells - Vision for the Future, 07/07/2021
  Release - Entravision Communications Corporation Announces Closing of Acquisition of MediaDonuts, 07/07/2021
  Release - Energy Fuels and Neo Performance Materials Announce Contract Signing and Launch of Commercial Shipments of Rare Earth Product to Europe in Emerging U.S.-Based Rare Earth Supply Chain, 07/07/2021
  Release - Palladium One IP Anomaly Increased over 75 Percent, to more than 7 km at Kaukua South, Finland, 07/07/2021
  QuickChek - July 7, 2021, 07/07/2021
  Release - Allegiant to Acquire Land Adjacent to Recent High-Grade Gold Discovery at Eastside, 07/07/2021
  Release - Seanergy to Acquire an additional Modern Capesize Vessel and Sell the Oldest Vessel of the Fleet, 07/07/2021
  Release - Global Demand for IT and Business Services Continues Upward Surge in Q2, ISG Index™ Finds, 07/07/2021
  Decentralized Apps Using Blockchain to Change the Internet, 07/07/2021
  Release - Conrad Shipyard to construct two Damen Multi Cats 3013 for Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Corporation, 07/07/2021
  Is Biden Tightening the Reigns on Large Companies?, 07/06/2021
  Alternative Vehicle Fuel Types, 07/06/2021
  Does Time Really Fly When Youre Having Fun?, 07/06/2021
  Will the Robinhood IPO Further Democratize Finance?, 07/02/2021
  Search and Rescue Technology at Disaster Sites, 07/02/2021
  Impact of Physical Nearness on Twitter Posts, 07/02/2021
  Release - Ocugen's COVID-19 Vaccine Co-Development Partner, Bharat Biotech, Shares Phase 3 Results Demonstrating 77.8% Protection against Overall Disease, 07/02/2021
  Release - PDS Biotechnology Joins Russell Microcap Index, 07/01/2021
  QuickChek - July 1, 2021, 07/01/2021
  Market Recap First Half 2021, 07/01/2021
  Release - Eagle Bulk Shipping Inc. Publishes 2021 ESG Sustainability Report, 07/01/2021
  Release - Kratos Developing Hypersonic Flight Experiment Test Vehicle in Maryland, 07/01/2021
  Can You Invest in Uranium Directly?, 07/01/2021
  Release - CoreCivic Completes Sale of Three Non-Core Assets For 326 Million, 06/30/2021
  QuickChek - June 30, 2021, 06/30/2021
  Release = Eagle Bulk Shipping Inc. Announces Secondary Public Offering of Common Stock, 06/30/2021
  Release - Eagle Bulk Shipping Inc. Announces the Upsize and Pricing of Secondary Public Offering of Common Stock, 06/30/2021
  Release - electroCore Announces Proposed Public Offering of Common Stock, 06/30/2021
  Release - electroCore Announces Pricing of 18.0 Million Public Offering of Common Stock, 06/30/2021
  Release - Euroseas Ltd. Signs New Building Agreements for the Acquisition of Two Fuel Efficient 2,800 teu Feeder Containerships, 06/30/2021
  OPEC Plus Meeting will Likely Unwind Production Cuts, 06/30/2021
  Cloud Computing Infrastructure as an Investment, 06/30/2021
  Release - Schwazze Signs Definitive Agreement to Acquire Drift, 06/29/2021
  Clarence Thomas’ Statement on Half-in, Half-out Marijuana Laws, 06/29/2021
  QuickChek - June 29, 2021, 06/29/2021
  Release - PLBY Group to Acquire Honey Birdette, 06/29/2021
  Release - Arizona Gold and Golden Predator Announce Consolidation of Near-Term Gold Production in North America, 06/29/2021
  Release - Lineage Cell Therapeutics Joins Russell 3000 And Russell Microcap Indexes, 06/28/2021
  QuickChek - June 28, 2021, 06/28/2021
  Release - Capstone Green Energy Secures Order For Multiple Microturbines For Australian Oil And Gas Customer, 06/28/2021
  Russell 2021 Reconstitution Indicates Significant Change, 06/28/2021
  Release - Cocrystal Joins Russell Microcap Index, 06/28/2021
  Release - Kratos Successfully Completes Engine Testing for an Affordable and High Performance Turbine Engine, 06/28/2021
  Release - Onconova Therapeutics Provides An Update On The Phase 1 2a Trial Of Rigosertib-Nivolumab Combination, 06/28/2021
  The High Growth of ESG Investing can Reduce Adherence to Principles, 06/28/2021
  What Makes a Country a Tax Haven?, 06/28/2021
  Threats to Your Personal Information, 06/26/2021
  Release - Capstone Green Energy Announces Participation In Noble Capital Markets Virtual Road Show Series, 06/25/2021
  QuickChek - June 25, 2021, 06/25/2021
  Release - PLBY Group to Join Russell 2000 Index and Russell 3000 Index, 06/25/2021
  Understanding Alzheimers Dementia ALS and Neurodegenerative Diseases, 06/25/2021
  SPAC Investors Benefit from the Ability to Exercise Different Options, 06/25/2021
  Release - Kratos Awarded $8.6 Million Task Order to Complete 50shp Class Recuperated Turbine Engine for Future Group 3 UAVs, 06/24/2021
  QuickChek - June 24, 2021, 06/24/2021
  Release - ACCO Brands Corporation Announces Participation in Noble Capital Markets Virtual Road Show Series, 06/24/2021
  Release - Comstock Invests $15M in Initial Seed Round for Quantum Computing to Accelerate Material Science Discovery and Development, 06/24/2021
  Release - Tony Wells Joins Gevo as General Manager for Net-Zero 1, 06/24/2021
  Release - Longeveron Announces Abstract Highlighting Data from Phase 1 Alzheimers Disease Trial, 06/24/2021
  Release - Esports Entertainment Group Partners with Indian Gaming Esports Association and Spectrum Gaming Capital, 06/24/2021
  Clean vs Dirty Electrons on Power Grid, 06/24/2021
  Release - enCore Energy Announces Positive Preliminary Economic Assessment (PEA) Results, 06/24/2021
  Index Funds Still May Fall Apart over Time, 06/24/2021
  Release - Cocrystal Pharma Completes IND-enabling Studies with CC-42344 for the Treatment of Seasonal and Pandemic Influenza A, 06/23/2021
  QuickChek - June 23, 2021, 06/23/2021
  Release - Esports Entertainment Group Named Official Esports Tournament Provider of the New York Rangers, 06/23/2021
  Release - electroCore Inc. Announces Exclusive Distribution Agreement with Kromax For Taiwan and China, 06/23/2021
  Release - Capstone Green Energy Secures Three New Rentals And Announces Expansion Of Its Rental Fleet, 06/23/2021
  Release - Harte Hanks Promotes Brian Linscott to Chief Executive Officer, 06/23/2021
  Release - Genprex Announces Initiation of its Phase 1 2 Acclaim-1 Clinical Trial for REQORSA Immunogene Therapy, 06/23/2021
  Investment Opportunities in Hydrogen, 06/23/2021
  Release - Comstock Acquires Renewable Process Solutions, 06/22/2021
  QuickChek - June 22, 2021, 06/22/2021
  Release - Onconova Therapeutics Regains Compliance With Nasdaq Continued Listing Requirement, 06/22/2021
  Release - Lineages OPC1 Cell Therapy for the Treatment of Spinal Cord Injury to Return to Clinical Testing, 06/22/2021
  Paying for Infrastructure Spending, 06/22/2021
  Release - Capstone Announces Closing Of 11.5 Million Bought Deal Offering Of Common Stock, 06/22/2021
  Release - FAT Brands Inc. Announces Closing of Public Offering of Series B Cumulative Preferred Stock, 06/22/2021
  Michael Burry Again Closes his Twitter Account, 06/22/2021
  Release - Ocugen Inc. Announces Ken Inchausti as Head Investor Relations and Communications, 06/21/2021
  QuickChek - June 21, 2021, 06/21/2021
  Release - Comstock Mining Announces Participation in Virtual Road Show Series, 06/21/2021
  Release - Great Bear Provides Assays Across Width of LP Fault Zone, 06/21/2021
  The Taishan Plant May be the Dip ESG Investors Wanted, 06/21/2021
  Why Gain of Function Research is Being Conducted, 06/21/2021
  Why the Smart Money is the Individual Investor in 2021, 06/19/2021
  Release - Gray Television Forms New Sports and Entertainment Revenue Group, 06/18/2021
  QuickChek - June 18, 2021, 06/18/2021
  Release - Capstone Increases Previously Announced Bought Deal Offering Of Common Stock To $10.0 Million, 06/18/2021
  Release - FAT Brands Inc. Announces Pricing of Public Offering of Series B Cumulative Preferred Stock, 06/18/2021
  Recycling Li-Ion Batteries Through Bioleaching, 06/18/2021
  Release - PDS Biotechnology Corporation Announces Closing of Approximately $52 Million Public Offering, 06/18/2021
  Release - Esports Entertainment Group Launches InVIE Esports Tournament Series with Dota 2 Season 1 in South America, 06/18/2021
  Definition of Small Cap in Relative Terms, 06/18/2021
  The Investor Forum at the World Stem Cell Summit, 06/17/2021
  Release - CanAlaska Intersects Polymetallic Mineralization at Waterbury South Uranium Project, 06/17/2021
  QuickChek - June 17, 2021, 06/17/2021
  Release - Gevo hires Kimberly Bowron as Chief Human Resources Officer, 06/17/2021
  Release - Lineage Announces Exclusive Option Agreement With Amasa Therapeutics For Supply And Use Of Clinical-Grade Hystem, 06/17/2021
  Release - Comtech Telecommunications Corp. Awarded 5 Million Contract to Deploy a Next Generation 911 Solution, 06/17/2021
  How Rising Rates Could Make Brokers Like Robinhood More Profitable, 06/17/2021
  Release - Palladium One Intercepts More High-Grade Nickel at Tyko Nickel-Copper Project in Ontario Canada, 06/17/2021
  Release - Onconova Therapeutics Announces The Peer-Reviewed Publication Of Preclinical Data Demonstrating The Synergistic Anti-Cancer Activity Of Rigosertib, 06/17/2021
  Therapeutic Companies will get $3.2 Billion in R & D Support, 06/17/2021
  Therapeutic Companies will get 3.2 Billion in R and D Support, 06/17/2021
  Release - Ocugen Inc. Set to Join Russell 3000 Index, 06/16/2021
  QuickChek - June 16, 2021, 06/16/2021
  Release - electroCore to Join Russell Microcap Index, 06/16/2021
  Release - Lineage Cell Therapeutics Announces Kevin L. Cook To Join As Chief Financial Officer, 06/16/2021
  Release - Kratos Named One of the First Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification Third Party Assessment Organizations, 06/16/2021
  China Fighting Cost Push Inflation with Metals Reserves, 06/16/2021
  Release - Sierra Metals Announces Receipt Of Permit Allowing Increase Of Throughput At Its Yauricocha Mine In Peru, 06/16/2021
  Advanced Battery Storage Goals of the US Department of Energy, 06/16/2021
  Release - PDS Biotech Announces Proposed Offering of Common Stock, 06/15/2021
  QuickChek - June 15, 2021, 06/15/2021
  Release - PDS Biotech Prices Public Offering of Common Stock, 06/15/2021
  Release - Helius Medical Technologies Expands Executive Leadership Team, 06/15/2021
  Release - Ocugen Secures Manufacturing Partnership for US Production of COVID-19 Vaccine Candidate, COVAXIN, 06/15/2021
  Release - Namaste Technologies Provides Corporate Update, 06/15/2021
  Release - Aurania Reports That Drilling Has Intersected Sediment-Hosted Copper Mineralization At Tsenken N1, 06/15/2021
  Investing in the Businesses in and Around Crypto, 06/15/2021
  Release - Lineage Cell Therapeutics To Present At Raymond James 2021 Human Health Innovation Conference On June 22 2021, 06/15/2021
  The Future of Electric Vehicles, 06/15/2021
  QuickChek - June 14, 2021, 06/14/2021
  Release - Cocrystals Lead COVID-19 Antiviral CDI-45205 Shown to be Active Against SARS-CoV-2 and Two Prominent SARS-CoV-2 Variants, 06/14/2021
  Release - PDS Biotechnology Announces Oncology Research and Development Day, 06/14/2021
  Stem-Cell Based Therapy for Alzheimers Disease, 06/14/2021
  Release - PLBY Group Announces Closing of Public Offering of Common Stock, 06/14/2021
  The NFL and Big Companies are Changing Their Thinking on Marijuana, 06/14/2021
  Bond Market Understanding is Again Critical for Stock Investors, 06/13/2021
  Release - Sierra Metals Announces Results Of Annual General Meeting Of Shareholders, 06/11/2021
  QuickChek - June 11, 2021, 06/11/2021
  Debate Concerning Biogens Alzheimers Drug Approval, 06/11/2021
  Release - Garibaldi Consolidates Otter Creek Lode Gold Discovery, 06/11/2021
  Release - Esports Entertainment Group Makes Strategic Push into Ohio, 06/11/2021
  Release - Capstone Green Energy Reports Fourth Quarter and Full-Year Fiscal 2021 Financial Results, 06/11/2021
  A Discussion with Regenerative Medicine Foundation Executive Director Bernard Siegel, 06/11/2021
  Release - Kratos Provides Ballistic and Airborne Targets for Formidable Shield 21 Campaign, 06/10/2021
  QuickChek - June 10, 2021, 06/10/2021
  Release - Ocugen Inc. Announces Michael Shine as Senior Vice President Commercial, 06/10/2021
  Release - Seanergy Takes Delivery of Two Capesize Vessels with Prompt Commencement of Period Charters, 06/10/2021
  Release - Ocugen to pursue a BLA path in the US for its COVID-19 vaccine candidate, 06/10/2021
  Release - PLBY Group Announces Upsize and Pricing of Public Offering of Common Stock, 06/10/2021
  Release - Entravision Communications Corporation Expands Global Digital Footprint Through Acquisition of MediaDonuts, 06/10/2021
  The Investor Forum at the World Stem Cell Summit - Presenting Companies, 06/10/2021
  Forecasted Oil Prices for the Second Half of 2021, 06/10/2021
  Release - Esports Entertainment Groups Helix eSports Announces Partnership with Gunnar Optiks, 06/10/2021
  Factors that Could Alter the Russell Final Index in 2021, 06/10/2021
  Release - Lineage Cell Therapeutics Set to Join Russell 3000 Index and Russell Microcap Index, 06/09/2021
  QuickChek - June 9, 2021, 06/09/2021
  Release - electroCore Completes Sale of 1.4 Million of NJ NOL Tax Benefits, 06/09/2021
  Release - Esports Entertainment Group Partners with CEAC to Host Inaugural Cinema and Esports Event, 06/09/2021
  Release - Orion Group Holdings Announces Sale of Tampa Property, 06/09/2021
  Release - Comtech Telecommunications Corp. Declares 0.10 Per Share Quarterly Cash Dividend, 06/09/2021
  Release - Comtech Telecommunications Corp. Announces Results for Its Fiscal 2021 Third Quarter and Updates Its Financial Targets for Fiscal 2021, 06/09/2021
  Acceptance of Psychedelics for Wellness and Recreation, 06/09/2021
  Release - Helius Medical Technologies to Participate in Noble Capital Markets Virtual Road Show Series, 06/09/2021
  Release - Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine Action Award Honorees to be Recognized During Virtual World Stem Cell Summit, June 18 2021, 06/09/2021
  What Women Investors find Attractive, 06/09/2021
  Release - Endeavour Silver Drilling Intersects High-Grade Silver-Gold Mineralization In Multiple Veins At The Terronera Project In Jalisco Mexico, 06/08/2021
  QuickChek - June 8, 2021, 06/08/2021
  Release - PDS Biotech Announces Release of Interim Data for PDS0101 in NCI-Led Phase 2 Clinical Study, 06/08/2021
  Release - Flotek Welcomes Lisa Mayr To Board Of Directors, 06/08/2021
  Release - Kratos Completes Major Milestone in Build-Out of Advanced Space Radio Monitoring System, 06/08/2021
  Release - Comstock to Present at the LD Micro Invitational XI Investor Conference, 06/08/2021
  Release - Avivagen to Present at LD Micro Conference Presentation on June 10th, 06/08/2021
  Bill Ackmans Most Unusual SPAC Deal, 06/08/2021
  Capturing More Performance with Gold Prices Rising, 06/08/2021
  Release - Gevo Set to Join Russell 3000 Index, 06/08/2021
  Release - Capstone Green Energy Corporation To Present At LD Micro InvitationaL XI, 06/07/2021
  QuickChek - June 7, 2021, 06/07/2021
  Release - Comstock Set to Join Russell Microcap Index, 06/07/2021
  Release - PDS Biotechnology Set to Join Russell Microcap Index, 06/07/2021
  Release - enCore Energy Corp To Present at LD Micro Invitational XI, 06/07/2021
  Stem Cells Role in the Anti-Aging Business, 06/07/2021
  Release - Avivagen Inc. Announces Proposed Extension of Warrants and Grant of Options, 06/07/2021
  Tracing the Origins of a Virus, 06/07/2021
  Release - Energy Fuels to Present at LD Micro Invitational on Tuesday, June 8 2021 as Hall of Fame Presenter, 06/07/2021
  Release - PLBY Group Announces Proposed Public Offering of Common Stock, 06/07/2021
  The Benefits of DeFi, 06/06/2021
  Release - Bunker Hill Mining Announces Filing Of PEA Technical Report, 06/04/2021
  Release - Indonesia Energy Corporation Successfully Completes the Drilling of First New Well at Kruh Block to Final Total Depth, 06/04/2021
  How does the Gates Buffett Natrium Reactor Work?, 06/04/2021
  Should Investor’s Listen to Influencers?, 06/04/2021
  Release - Capstone Green Energy Corporation (Nasdaq:CGRN) Signs 10-Year Comprehensive Service Contract On 2 MWs Installed In Mexico, 06/04/2021
  QuickChek - June 4, 2021, 06/04/2021
  Release - Comtech Telecommunications Corp. Announces First International 5G Location Services Contract with a Tier-One Carrier, 06/04/2021
  Release - Neovasc Inc. Reports Results of Annual General Meeting of Shareholders, 06/04/2021
  Release - Avivagen Inc. Announces Results for the Second Quarter Ending April 30 2021, 06/03/2021
  QuickChek - June 3, 2021, 06/03/2021
  Release - Gray Amends Merger Agreement With Meredith Corporation, 06/03/2021
  Release - Ocugen Expands COVAXIN Commercialization Rights to Include Canada, 06/03/2021
  Release - Lineage Cell Therapeutics To Host Webinar With Therapeutic Area Experts To Discuss Retinal Tissue Restoration, 06/03/2021
  Throwback Thursday - Most Read in May 2021, 06/03/2021
  Release - Esports Entertainment Group Completes Acquisition of Helix eSports and ggCircuit, 06/03/2021
  Release - Indonesia Energy Corporation Participates in Noble Capital Markets Video Interview, 06/03/2021
  Release - Kratos Appoints Deanna Lund to Board of Directors, 06/03/2021
  Release - Great Bear Provides Two New Detailed High-Grade Long Sections, 06/03/2021
  Does the Russell Reconstitution Impact Small-Cap Performance During June?, 06/03/2021
  Release - PDS Biotechnology Expands VERSATILE-002 study of PDS0101 and KEYTRUDA in Advanced Head and Neck Cancer, 06/03/2021
  Norton Crypto Debuts for Home Mining, 06/03/2021
  Release - Gray Announces Quarterly Cash Dividend Of 0.08 Per Share, 06/02/2021
  QuickChek - June 2, 2021, 06/02/2021
  Release - Capstone Green Energy (Nasdaq CGRN) To Announce Fourth Quarter and Full Fiscal Year 2021 Results On Thursday June 10 2021, 06/02/2021
  Release - Eagle Bulk Shipping Inc. Acquires Two Modern Ultramax Bulkcarriers, 06/02/2021
  Release - electroCore Announces Publication of Study on nVNS to Improve Clinical Outcomes and Molecular Biomarkers in Parkinsons Disease Patients, 06/02/2021
  Therapeutic Research Advanced by Stem Cell Science, 06/02/2021
  Release - Helius Medical Technologies Inc. Appoints Frederick Fantazzia as Vice President of Sales and Marketing North America, 06/02/2021
  Release - ISG Launches Expanded Global Cybersecurity Unit to Help Clients Contend with Growing Threats, 06/02/2021
  Why Uranium Prices Have Been Rising, 06/02/2021
  Release - Lineage Cell Therapeutics Reports Additional Cases Of Retinal Tissue Restoration In Dry AMD Patients Treated With Opregen RPE Cells, 06/01/2021
  QuickChek - June 1, 2021, 06/01/2021
  Release - Garibaldi Mobilizes Exploration Crews, 06/01/2021
  Release - LAFC Sign Esports Entertainment Group as Its Esports Tournament Platform Provider in Multi-Year Deal, 06/01/2021
  Release - Schwazze (SHWZ) - Announces Agreement to Acquire Southern Colorado Growers, 06/01/2021
  Release - Onconova Therapeutics Announces The Appointment Of Mark Gelder, M.D., As Chief Medical Officer, 06/01/2021
  Release - Palladium One Drills 48 Meters at 2.2 gt within 116 Meters at 1.2 gt Palladium Equivalent at Haukiaho Trend Finland, 06/01/2021
  Fear of Tapering May Set the Markets Tone for Summer, 06/01/2021
  Release - Great Bear Strengthens Management Team and Provides Update on Regional Projects, 06/01/2021
  Release - PDS Biotech to Host Oncology RD Day on June 16 2021, 06/01/2021
  Is Oil Demand Stronger than Estimated?, 06/01/2021
  Do Canadian Companies Remain Private Because of Corporate Governance, 05/31/2021
  Trimmed PCE Inflation vs the PCE Deflator, 05/29/2021
  Release - Energy Fuels Announces Election of Directors, 05/28/2021
  QuickChek - May 28, 2021, 05/28/2021
  Release - Cocrystal Pharma Announces the Passing of Chairman CEO and Co-founder Dr. Gary Wilcox, 05/28/2021
  Release - TAAL Distributed Information Technologies becomes Hut 8s Newest Hosting Services Partner, 05/28/2021
  Release - TAAL Announces 2021 First-Quarter Financial Results, 05/28/2021
  What Companies are Involved in Spaceflight, 05/28/2021
  Release - Esports Entertainment Group Announces Private Placement of 35 Million Convertible Notes with 17.50 Conversion Price, 05/28/2021
  Improving Mortality Rates Through Genetic Research, 05/28/2021
  Release - PDS Biotechnology Establishes Partnership With Head and Neck Cancer Alliance, 05/27/2021
  QuickChek - May 27, 2021, 05/27/2021
  Release - ProMIS Neurosciences appoints renowned scientist, Dr. David Wishart as Chief Physics Officer, 05/27/2021
  Release - Ocugen On Track to Submit Emergency Use Authorization Application to U.S. FDA for its COVID-19 Vaccine Candidate COVAXIN, 05/27/2021
  Release - Great Lakes Announces Participation in the Noble Capital Markets Virtual Road Show, 05/27/2021
  Casual Dining and Fast Serve to Benefit from Back-to-Work, 05/27/2021
  Copper Facing an Onslaught of Demand, 05/27/2021
  Release - Allegiant Discovers Bonanza Gold and Silver Grades at Eastside, 05/26/2021
  QuickChek - May 26, 2021, 05/26/2021
  Release - ProMIS Neurosciences initiates commercialization of COVID-19 serology assay, 05/26/2021
  Release - Comtech Telecommunications Corp. Awarded 1.6 Million Contract for High-Power Solid-State Amplifiers, 05/26/2021
  Release - Ceapro Inc. Announces Completion of Patient Enrollment in Clinical Study Evaluating Beta Glucan as a Cholesterol-Lowering Agent, 05/26/2021
  Release - Palladium One Drills Haukiaho Trend Intercepts 72 Meters, 05/26/2021
  Release - PLBY Group Announces Successful Completion of Debt Refinancing, 05/26/2021
  HCA Healthcare Partners with Google Cloud to Accelerate Digital Transformation, 05/26/2021
  Release - Euroseas Ltd. Reports Results for the Quarter Ended March 31 2021, 05/26/2021
  Finding Replacements for Petroleum Based Chemicals, 05/26/2021
  Release - Cleveland Cavaliers Team Up With Esports Entertainment Group to Become Official Esports Tournament Platform Provider in Multi-Year Deal, 05/26/2021
  Release - Namaste Technologies Announces Phyto Extractions Shatter Now Available Nationally For Medical Consumers, 05/25/2021
  QuickChek - May 25, 2021, 05/25/2021
  Supermoon Red Blood Lunar Eclipse Its all Happening Tonight – Here is what it Means, 05/25/2021
  Release - Chakana Advances Resource Definition Drilling With Multiple High-Grade Intercepts, 05/25/2021
  Release - CanAlaska Promotes Cory Belyk to CEO and Executive Vice President, 05/25/2021
  Release - TherapeuticsMD Announces Submission of Low Dose BIJUVA Supplemental New Drug Application to FDA, 05/25/2021
  Release - Seanergy Maritime Holdings Corp. Reports Financial Results for the First Quarter Ended March 31 2021, 05/25/2021
  Essential Metals in the Health Sector, 05/25/2021
  Release - Aurania Confirms Significant Amounts Of High-Tech Metals In Tiria-Shimpia Samples, 05/25/2021
  Release - Stem Holdings dba Driven By Stem and Tinley Beverage Create Home Delivery Solution for Cannabis Beverages in California, 05/25/2021
  What is the Feds position on Crypto Stablecoin and CBDCs?, 05/25/2021
  Release - Esports Entertainment Group to Add Swedish and Spanish-Licensed Gaming Business with Acquisition of Bethard, 05/25/2021
  Schwazze (SHWZ) - Post Management Call Commentary and Updated Models, 11/23/2021
  Great Lakes Dredge Dock (GLDD) - Houston Work Finalized and Other Work On Horizon, 11/23/2021
  TAAL Distributed Information Technologies (TAALF) - CEO Transition What Does It Mean, 11/22/2021
  Voyager Digital (VYGVF)(VOYG:CA) - Continuing to Expand the Product Front, 11/22/2021
  Chakana Copper Corp (CHKKF)(PERU:CA) - Drill Results Augur Well for Soledads Initial Resource Estimate, 11/19/2021
  Great Bear Resources (GTBAF)(GBR:CA) - The Plot Begins to Thicken, 11/18/2021
  Grindrod Shipping (GRIN) - A Solid 3Q2021 Beat and Higher than Expected Initial Dividend, 11/18/2021
  Voyager Digital (VYGVF)(VOYG:CA) - Charting a Course for Improving Results, 11/18/2021
  SPACtrac Report - ISOS Acquisition Corp: Bowlero: Hits the Mark, 11/17/2021
  Euroseas (ESEA) - Stock Price Weakness Doesnt Match Slight Miss, 11/17/2021
  TAAL Distributed Information Technologies (TAALF) - Strong 3Q21 Raising PT, 11/17/2021
  Great Lakes Dredge Dock (GLDD) - Windward Ho FID on Jones Act Offshore Wind Installation, 11/17/2021
  Cocrystal Pharma Inc. (COCP) - 3Q21 Reported With Phase 1 Influenza Trial Expected To Begin, 11/16/2021
  Allegiant Gold (AUXXF)(AUAU:CA) - Eastsides Growing Resource Potential, 11/16/2021
  eSports Entertainment Group Inc. (GMBL) - Score One For The House, 11/16/2021
  Pyxis Tankers (PXS) - Weak Quarter and Waiting for Stronger Recovery Signs, 11/16/2021
  Schwazze (SHWZ) - Reports 3Q21 Results Adding Another Dispensary, 11/16/2021
  Helius Medical Technologies (HSDT)(HSM:CA) - 3Q21 Results Raises $9.8 million net, 11/15/2021
  Comstock Mining (LODE) - Comstocks Transformation is Well Underway, 11/12/2021
  Euroseas (ESEA) - Attractive Acquisition and Watching Upcoming Charters, 11/12/2021
  Harte Hanks (HRTH) - A Well-Oiled More Efficient Cash Flow Machine, 11/12/2021
  Kelly Services (KELYA) - Improving Environment but 3Q Operating Results Fall Short, 11/12/2021
  Onconova Therapeutics (ONTX) - 3Q Report Highlights Clinical Progress, 11/12/2021
  One Stop Systems (OSS) - Post Call Commentary and Updated Models, 11/12/2021
  SPACtrac Report - Capstar Special Acquisition Corp: Updated Valuation Still Ready to Go, 11/11/2021
  Axcella Therapeutics (AXLA) - 3Q21 Marked By Clinical Progress, 11/11/2021
  Capstone Green Energy (CGRN) - Revenues are growing and becoming more stable, 11/11/2021
  Gevo (GEVO) - Quarterly Losses Mask Solid Development Plan Progress, 11/11/2021
  InPlay Oil (IPOOF)(IPO:CA) - Operations Hitting On All Cylinders Price Target Raised, 11/11/2021
  One Stop Systems (OSS) - 3Q Results Exceed Expectations Record 3Q Revenue, 11/11/2021
  Pangaea Logistics (PANL) - Very Strong Quarter and Headed for Solid Finish, 11/11/2021
  PDS Biotechnology Corp (PDSB) - 3Q21 Contained Clinical Progress and New Product Licenses, 11/11/2021
  QuoteMedia Inc. (QMCI) - More Fish Appear To Be Nibbling, 11/11/2021
  Vectrus (VEC) - Overall Strong 3Q21 Results, 11/11/2021
  CoreCivic, Inc. (CXW) - Post Call Commentary and Updated Models, 11/10/2021
  Endeavour Silver (EXK)(EDR:CA) - Expecting A Strong Finish to the Year, 11/10/2021
  Flotek Industries (FTK) - Results in Line Absent Nonrecurring Items All Signs Point To Improvements in 2022, 11/10/2021
  Ocugen (OCGN) - Ocugen Reports 3Q21 and Reviews Recent Progress, 11/10/2021
  Sierra Metals (SMTS)(SMT:CA) - Third Quarter Results May Be An Inflection Point, 11/10/2021
  SPACtrac Report - Capstar Special Acquisition Corp: Ready To Address An Unmet Need, 11/09/2021
  CoreCivic, Inc. (CXW) - A Debt Paydown Machine, 11/09/2021
  FenixOro Gold (FDVXF) - Drilling Activity Expected to Accelerate into 2022, 11/09/2021
  The GEO Group Inc. (GEO) - 10-Q Review, 11/09/2021
  SPACtrac Report - DD3 Acquisition Corp.: A Bet On Latin America, 11/08/2021
  FAT Brands Inc. (FAT) - 3Q21 The Promise Begins to Emerge, 11/08/2021
  E.W. Scripps (SSP) - We Are Connected, 11/08/2021
  Helius Medical Technologies (HSDT)(HSM:CA) - PoNS Market Authorization in Australia, 11/08/2021
  Information Services (III) - Post Call Commentary Raising PT, 11/08/2021
  Ocugen (OCGN) - Covaxin Pediatric Application Filed Listed for Emergency Use, 11/08/2021
  Information Services (III) - Another Strong Quarter 3Q21 Highlights, 11/05/2021
  Eagle Bulk Shipping (EGLE) - Strongest Quarter Ever and High 4Q021 Forward Cover, 11/05/2021
  Entravision Communications (EVC) - A Fast Pace Move To A Global Digital Company, 11/05/2021
  The GEO Group Inc. (GEO) - Another Solid Quarter, 11/05/2021
  Gray Television (GTN) - Steps Away From A Banner 2022, 11/05/2021
  Salem Media (SALM) - Favorable Operating Momentum Raising Target Price, 11/05/2021
  Motorsport Games (MSGM) - 3Q21 Earnings Update, 11/05/2021
  Genco Shipping (GNK) - Strong 3Q2021 Results and High 4Q2021 Forward Cover, 11/04/2021
  Kratos Defense Security (KTOS) - Reports 3Q21 Results Current Operating Environment More Challenging, 11/04/2021
  Cumulus Media (CMLS) - Q3 Gives Credence To Its Favorable 2022 Outlook, 11/04/2021
  eSports Entertainment Group Inc. (GMBL) - Just What The Doctor Ordered, 11/04/2021
  FAT Brands Inc. (FAT) - Acquiring Fazolis for $130 Million, 11/03/2021
  Great Lakes Dredge Dock (GLDD) - Weather and COVID-19 Hit Quarter But Strong Finish to Year, 11/03/2021
  Newrange Gold Corp. (NRGOF)(NRG:CA) - Investing in a Known Asset, 11/03/2021
  Seanergy Maritime (SHIP) - Strong Quarter and Solid Near-term Forward Cover, 11/03/2021
  Townsquare Media (TSQ) - Another Beat And Raise Quarter, 11/03/2021
  Chakana Copper Corp (CHKKF)(PERU:CA) - Closing in on Soledads Initial Resource Estimate, 11/02/2021
  Energy Fuels (UUUU)(EFR:CA) - Quarterly results are not exciting. Keep an eye on uranium prices, 11/02/2021
  Comtech (CMTL) - Acacia Research Offers to Buy Comtech for $30 Share, 11/02/2021
  Orion Group Holdings (ORN) - Higher Backlog But Execution will be the Key, 11/01/2021
  Travelzoo (TZOO) - The Speedy Recovery Trips, 11/01/2021
  Voyager Digital (VYGVF)(VOYG:CA) - Fiscal 2021 4Q and Full Year Results, 11/01/2021 (FLWS) - Scores Another Impressive Quarter, 10/29/2021
  Coeur Mining (CDE) - Lowering Estimates Following 3Q Miss, 10/29/2021
  Cumulus Media (CMLS) - Quarterly Preview Throttling Back Expectations Somewhat, 10/29/2021
  Flotek Industries (FTK) - Flotek Expanding JP3 Product Line, 10/29/2021
  Great Lakes Dredge Dock (GLDD) - Low Bid Awarded - Updating Awards and Low Bids, 10/29/2021
  Voyager Digital (VYGVF)(VOYG:CA) - Strategic Investment from Alameda Research, 10/29/2021
  Endeavour Silver (EXK)(EDR:CA) - Updating Estimates Ahead of Upcoming Earnings Release, 10/28/2021
  ACCO Brands (ACCO) - Post Call Commentary Favorable Risk Reward, 10/28/2021 (FLWS) - Caught A Nice One, 10/28/2021
  Ocugen (OCGN) - Ocugen Files IND For Phase 3 Covaxin Trial, 10/28/2021
  Orion Group Holdings (ORN) - 3Q2021 Operating Results Lighter Than Expected, 10/28/2021
  Stem Holdings (STMH)(STEM:CA) - Entering Colorado Market, 10/27/2021
  Seanergy Maritime (SHIP) - Attractive Financing Locked in, 10/27/2021
  Digerati Technologies (DTGI) - Scores A Decent Quarter, 10/27/2021
  Axcella Health (AXLA) - Axcella Announces Plans For COVID-19 Long-Haulers, 10/27/2021
  ACCO Brands (ACCO) - 3Q Release Highlights; Raises Dividend by 15.4, 10/27/2021
  Gevo (GEVO) - Another puzzle piece complete with addition of another major partner, 10/26/2021
  Great Bear Resources (GTBAF)(GBR:CA) - Metallurgical Tests Demonstrate High Gold Recoveries, 10/26/2021
  Aurania Resources (AUIAF)(ARU:CA) - Increasing the Probability of Successful Near-Term Outcomes, 10/22/2021
  PDS Biotechnology Corp (PDSB) - Phase 2 Treatment Continues As New Patient Recruitment Is Delayed, 10/22/2021
  Gray Television (GTN) - Putting The Pieces Together To Close On Meredith, 10/21/2021
  Seanergy Maritime (SHIP) - Another Cape Acquisition Expands Fleet to 17, 10/20/2021
  Avivagen Inc. (VIVXF)(VIV:CA) - 6.3 Tonne Order Received, 10/19/2021
  Comtech (CMTL) - What Does $100 Million Strategic Investment Mean?, 10/19/2021
  Sierra Metals (SMTS)(SMT:CA) - Third Quarter Production Impacted by Transitory Operational Challenges, 10/19/2021
  DLH (DLHC) - Wins Additional Contract in Alaska Raising PT, 10/18/2021
  Chakana Copper Corp (CHKKF)(PERU:CA) - Favorable Drill Results Keep Coming, 10/15/2021
  Great Lakes Dredge & Dock (GLDD) - Incremental Awards of $24.6 million Announced, 10/15/2021
  Grindrod Shipping (GRIN) - Expected Solid Finish to Year Warrants Higher Target, 10/15/2021
  Coeur Mining (CDE) - Trimming 2021 Estimates; Still A Few Pieces to Fall Into Place, 10/14/2021
  eSports Entertainment Group, Inc. (GMBL) - A Moose Or A Golden Goose, 10/14/2021
  Garibaldi Resources (GGIFF)(GGI:CA) - Drilling Moves On to Casper Awaiting Full Geophysical Survey Results, 10/14/2021
  Great Lakes Dredge Dock (GLDD) - Another Large Award Out in Houston, 10/14/2021
  Kratos Defense Security (KTOS) - 2022 NDAA Plays to Kratos Strengths, 10/14/2021
  PsyBio Therapeutics (PSYBF)(PSYB:CA) - PsyBio Continues To Report Development Milestones, 10/14/2021
  Voyager Digital (VYGVF)(VOYG:CA) - Europe Open for Business, 10/14/2021
  Digital, Media & Entertainment Industry - The Supply Chain Stuff Is Really Tricky, 10/13/2021
  Chakana Copper Corp (CHKKF)(PERU:CA) - Scratching the Surface of Soledad's Resource Potential, 10/13/2021
  Item 9 Labs (INLB) - Implementing Another Leg of the Growth Strategy, 10/13/2021
  Stem Holdings (STMH)(STEM:CA) - Budee on the Apple App Store, 10/13/2021
  Axcella Health Inc. (AXLA) - Fifty Ways To Love Your Liver, 10/12/2021
  EuroDry (EDRY) - Upward Bias Intact - Raising EBITDA Estimates, 10/12/2021
  Orion Group Holdings (ORN) - Unexpected CFO Change But Smooth Transition Expected, 10/12/2021
  Comtech (CMTL) - Outerbridge Not Satisfied, 10/08/2021
  Eagle Bulk Shipping (EGLE) - Exit of Second Largest Shareholder Creates Opportunity, 10/08/2021
  Sierra Metals (SMTS)(SMT:CA) - BOD Concludes Review of Strategic Alternatives Authorizes Annual Dividend of $0.03 Per Share, 10/08/2021
  Voyager Digital (VYGVF)(VOYG:CA) - Drop in September Quarter Revenue Down to Market Fluctuations, 10/08/2021
  Gevo (GEVO) - FEED Contractor and Likely EPC Contractor Identified, 10/08/2021
  Avivagen Inc. (VIVXF)(VIV:CA) - Management Call on AB Vista Distribution Agreement, 10/07/2021
  Great Lakes Dredge & Dock (GLDD) - Smooth CFO Transition Underway and Another Low Bid Out, 10/07/2021
  Newrange Gold Corp. (NRGOF)(NRG:CA) - The Opportunity Set at Pamlico Could Expand Beyond Gold, 10/07/2021
  SPACtrac Report - ISOS Acquisition Corp: Why This SPAC May Be Different, 10/06/2021
  Eagle Bulk Shipping (EGLE) - Capital Allocation Shifts to Dividends, 10/06/2021
  Palladium One Mining (NKORF)(PDM:CA) - Additional Drill Results Released; Board and Management Appointments, 10/06/2021
  Comtech (CMTL) - Q4 Operating Results, 10/05/2021
  Eagle Bulk Shipping (EGLE) - Starting Dividends and Buybacks, 10/05/2021
  Great Bear Resources (GTBAF)(GBR:CA) - Latest Results Establish Continuity of High-Grade Mineralization at Depth, 10/05/2021
  Industry Report - Energy - Energy Sector Remains Hot, 10/04/2021
  Eagle Bulk Shipping (EGLE) - Strong Operating Results More than Offset FFA Adjustments, 10/04/2021
  Great Lakes Dredge Dock (GLDD) - Move to Houston Triggers CFO Change, 10/04/2021
  Lineage Cell Therapeutics (LCTX) - Full OpRegen Data Presentation Details Patients Improvements, 10/04/2021
  Seanergy Maritime (SHIP) - Higher Cape Rates Implies Strong Finish to Year, 10/04/2021
  Vectrus (VEC) - What Can Award From Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division Mean?, 10/04/2021
  Industry Report - Metals & Mining Third Quarter 2021 Review and Outlook, 10/01/2021
  Bassett Furniture (BSET) - Furniture Demand Remains Strong Reports 3Q21 Results, 10/01/2021
  Avivagen Inc. (VIVXF)(VIV:CA) - Reports 3Q21 Results Pipeline Remains Strong, 09/30/2021
  Great Lakes Dredge Dock (GLDD) - 3Q2021 Awards Exceed $300 million After Three New Awards, 09/30/2021
  Orion Group Holdings (ORN) - High Bidding Activity Finally Delivers Large Awards, 09/30/2021
  Allegiant Gold (AUXXF)(AUAU:CA) - Bureau of Land Management Approval Increases Permitted Area Six-Fold, 09/29/2021
  FenixOro Gold (FDVXF) - Initial Phase 2 Drill Results Underscore Expanding Resource Potential, 09/29/2021
  Aurania Resources (AUIAF)(ARU:CA) - Hole 3 Delivers at Tiria-Shimpia, 09/28/2021
  Grindrod Shipping (GRIN) - Secondary Offering Improves Public Market Float, 09/28/2021
  Item 9 Labs (INLB) - Expanding Unity Rd. Footprint, 09/28/2021
  Stem Holdings (STMH)(STEM:CA) - California E-Commerce and Delivery Expansion, 09/28/2021
  Euroseas (ESEA) - Solid Visibility Drives Price Target Increase, 09/27/2021
  CoreCivic, Inc. (CXW) - Note Offering Upsized to $225 Million, 09/24/2021
  DLH (DLHC) - Awarded FEMA Contract with $87 Million Ceiling, 09/24/2021
  Palladium One Mining (NKORF)(PDM:CA) - Kaukua A Big System That Keeps Getting Bigger, 09/24/2021
  Comstock Mining (LODE) - Comstocks JV with Mercury Clean Up LLC Commences Full Production in the Philippines, 09/23/2021
  CoreCivic, Inc. (CXW) - Title 42 Ruling Contract Updates, 09/23/2021
  Onconova Therapeutics (ONTX) - Rigosertib Phase 12a Data Presentation Confirms Optimism, 09/23/2021
  Orion Group Holdings (ORN) - Marine and Concrete Awards Bolster Backlog, 09/23/2021
  Salem Media (SALM) - Raising Our Financial Assessment Ranking, 09/23/2021
  The GEO Group, Inc. (GEO) - Title 42 Ruling Contract Update, 09/23/2021
  Endeavour Silver (EXK)(EDR:CA) - Improved Economics of the Proposed Terronera Mine Enhance the Longer-term Outlook, 09/22/2021
  Onconova Therapeutics (ONTX) - New Data Shows Rigosertib Efficacy In Lung Cancer, 09/22/2021
  Pangaea Logistics (PANL) - Co-Founder and CEO Goes on Medical Leave, 09/21/2021
  Stem Holdings (STMH)(STEM:CA) - Adding Two Dispensaries, Concentrates Line, 09/21/2021
  Cumulus Media (CMLS) - Time For A Refresh, 09/21/2021
  Orion Group Holdings (ORN) - Weather Impact is Bad News But Normal 2022 is Good News, 09/20/2021
  TAAL Distributed Information Technologies (TAALF) - Preliminary 3Q21 Revenue well In Excess of Estimate, 09/17/2021
  Lineage Cell Therapeutics (LCTX) - OpRegen Data Update Adds To Evidence of Efficacy, 09/16/2021
  Helius Medical Technologies (HSDT)(HSM:CA) - CMS to Scrap MCIT Implications for Helius, 09/16/2021
  Indonesia Energy Corp (INDO) - Results for 2nd well surpass expectations, 09/16/2021
  Allegiant Gold (AUXXF)(AUAU:CA) - Getting Ready for the Next Round of Drilling, 09/15/2021
  Genco Shipping (GNK) - Firm Dry Bulk Market Boosts 2022 Dividend Estimate, 09/15/2021
  enCore Energy Corp. (ENCUF)(EU:CA) - We are raising our price target to reflect the Azarga acquisition, 09/14/2021
  Great Lakes Dredge Dock (GLDD) - Large Low Bid Pending Award and 3Q2021 Awards Announced, 09/14/2021
  Motorsport Games (MSGM) - Stepping On The Gas To Accelerate Growth, 09/14/2021
  Esports Entertainment Group Inc. (GMBL) - Stepping Up Enhanced Revenue Spending, 09/13/2021
  PDS Biotechnology Corp (PDSB) - Clinical Milestone Reached - Raising Price Target, 09/13/2021
  Seanergy Maritime (SHIP) - Virtual NDR Showcases Improved Outlook, 09/13/2021
  Ayala Pharmaceuticals (AYLA) - Looking Forward To AL101 Data Presentation, 09/10/2021
  Comstock Mining (LODE) - Investing in a Low Carbon Future, 09/10/2021
  FenixOro Gold Corp. (FDVXF) - A Gold Discovery in One of Colombias Richest Mineral Belts, 09/10/2021
  Gevo Inc. (GEVO) - LOI to Partner with Chevron is a Major Validation for GEVO, 09/10/2021
  Comtech (CMTL) - Outerbridge Starts a Proxy Contest Nominates 3 for Board Election, 09/09/2021
  Euroseas Ltd. (ESEA) - An Extraordinary Data Point Boosts EBITDA Estimates, 09/09/2021
  InPlay Oil (IPOOF)(IPO:CA) - New 2022 Guidance Highlights Value of Stock Price Target Raised, 09/09/2021
  Chakana Copper Corp (CHKKF)(PERU:CA) - The Initial Resource Estimate Is Not Expected to Be an End Point, 09/08/2021
  enCore Energy Corp. (ENCUF)(EU:CA) - enCore Combines with Azarga Uranium, 09/08/2021
  Euroseas Ltd. (ESEA) - Feeder Acquisition Expands Fleet and Forward Cover, 09/08/2021
  Palladium One Mining Inc. (NKORF)(PDM:CA) - Doubling Up At LK With Ample Room for Growth, 09/08/2021
  Schwazze (SHWZ) - Price Target Supported by Recent Industry Acquisition, 09/08/2021
  Aurania Resources (AUIAF)(ARU:CA) - Epithermal Gold Targets In the Line-Up, 09/07/2021
  FAT Brands Inc. (FAT) - Additional Detail From Management Call, 09/07/2021
  Garibaldi Resources Corp (GGIFF)(GGI:CA) - Garibaldi Resumes Drilling at EL Following Completion of Geophysical Surveys, 09/07/2021
  Grindrod Shipping (GRIN) - IVS Bulk JV Interest Acquisition Closed and Added Buybacks Prior to Strong Stock Price Move, 09/07/2021
  FAT Brands Inc. (FAT) - Acquiring Twin Peaks for $300 Million, 09/02/2021
  Entravision Communications (EVC) - Financial Flexibility With Recent Buyout, 09/02/2021
  Entravision Communications Corporation (EVC) - Not Expected To Be A Swan Song, 09/01/2021 (FLWS) - Keeping What It Got And Then Some, 08/30/2021
  Engine Media Holdings Inc. (GAME)(GAME:CA) - Revving Up Growth, 08/30/2021
  FAT Brands Inc. (FAT) - Supervoting B Shares Distributed, 08/30/2021
  Great Lakes Dredge & Dock (GLDD) - Large Award Sets Tone for Upcoming Bidding Season, 08/30/2021
  Grindrod Shipping (GRIN) - F-3 Filing Should Improve Financial Flexibility and Trading Liquidity - Price Target Up Again, 08/30/2021
  Item 9 Labs (INLB) - $19 million Construction-Financing Loan for Arizona and Nevada Expansion, 08/30/2021
  Aurania Resources (AUIAF)(ARU:CA) - Zeroing in on the Most Immediate High Potential Targets, 08/27/2021
  Golden Predator Mining (NTGSF)(GPY:CA) - Shareholders Approve Business Combination with Arizona Gold Corp, 08/26/2021
  Great Bear Resources Ltd. (GTBAF)(GBR:CA) - Drilling Affirms Bulk Tonnage Potential over 3 Kilometers of Strike Length, 08/26/2021
  Helius Medical Technologies (HSDT)(HSM:CA) - $32 Million Market Cap With A Multi-Billion TAM - Whats The Disconnect?, 08/25/2021
  Schwazze (SHWZ) - The Acquisition Beat Goes On, 08/25/2021
  Sierra Metals (SMTS)(SMT:CA) - Virtual Road Show Take-Aways, 08/25/2021
  TAAL Distributed Information Technologies (TAALF) - 2Q Results In-Line with Expectations, 08/24/2021
  Bassett Furniture (BSET) - Call With Management On Business Conditions, 08/23/2021
  Grindrod Shipping (GRIN) - Strong Cash Flow and Acquisitions Trigger Variable Dividend, 08/23/2021
  Item 9 Labs Corp (INLB) - Record Quarterly Revenue in 3Q21, 08/23/2021
  Cocrystal Pharma Inc. (COCP) - 2Q21 Reported With Clinical Milestones For 2021-22, 08/23/2021
  Aurania Resources (AUIAF)(ARU:CA) - Getting Closer to the Source of Copper at Tsenken N1, 08/20/2021
  Ely Gold Royalties (ELYGF)(ELY:CA) - Shareholders Overwhelmingly Approve Combination with Gold Royalty Corp, 08/19/2021
  Grindrod Shipping (GRIN) - Strong 1H2021 Results and Impressive 3Q2021 Forward Cover, 08/19/2021
  Kratos Defense & Security (KTOS) - Skyborg: A Program of Record in 2023?, 08/19/2021
  Lineage Cell Therapeutics (LCTX) - Treating Diseases By Transplanting New Cells, 08/19/2021
  Helius Medical Technologies (HSDT)(HSM:CA) - FDA Breakthrough Device Designation for Stroke, 08/18/2021
  Palladium One Mining Inc. (NKORF)(PDM:CA) - No Shortage of Stock Catalysts on the Horizon, 08/18/2021
  Stem Holdings Inc. (STMH)(STEM:CA) - Moving Forward With the Farm-to-Home Strategy Reports 3Q21 Results, 08/18/2021
  Energy Services of America (ESOA) - PPP Loan Forgiveness Positive, 08/17/2021
  InPlay Oil (IPOOF)(IPO:CA) - Estimates and Price Objective Raised After Outstanding Quarter, 08/17/2021
  Schwazze (SHWZ) - Solid 2Q21 Results Continuing Colorado Expansion, 08/17/2021
  Sierra Metals (SMTS)(SMT:CA) - SUpdated PEA Reflects Enhanced Economics Supporting Bolivar Expansion, 08/17/2021
  Gevo Inc. (GEVO) - Net Zero One Engineering and RNG Plant Moving Ahead, 08/16/2021
  Helius Medical Technologies (HSDT)(HSM:CA) - Reports 2Q21 Results U.S. Efforts Ongoing, 08/16/2021
  Harte-Hanks Inc. (HRTH) - Here Comes The Sun, 08/13/2021
  Euroseas Ltd. (ESEA) - Forward Visibility High and Improving, 08/13/2021
  Kelly Services Inc. (KELYA) - Recovery Continuing Reinstates Dividend, 08/13/2021
  Onconova Therapeutics Inc. (ONTX) - 2Q21 Reported With Updates To Clinical Trials, 08/13/2021
  One Stop Systems Inc. (OSS) - Second Quarter Tops Estimates; Raising PT, 08/13/2021
  Pangaea Logistics Solutions Ltd. (PANL) - Strong Quarter and 2H2021 Off to Good Start, 08/13/2021
  PDS Biotechnology Corp (PDSB) - Moving Forward With Clinical Milestones On The Horizon, 08/13/2021
  QuoteMedia (QMCI) - A Slow Walk Toward Margin Improvement, 08/13/2021
  Capstone Green Energy Corporation (CGRN) - June-quarter sales disappointing but growth is coming, 08/12/2021
  Endeavour Silver (EXK)(EDR:CA) - Operating Cost Profile Expected to Improve in the Second Half, 08/12/2021
  Euroseas Ltd. (ESEA) - Strong 2Q2021 Results and Term Charter on Diamantis, 08/12/2021
  InPlay Oil (IPOOF)(IPO:CA) - Outstanding quarter due to operational improvements, 08/12/2021
  Seanergy Maritime (SHIP) - Stock Buyback Another Sign of Financial Stability, 08/12/2021
  SPACtrac Report - AeroFarms: Taking Farming to New Heights, 08/11/2021
  Flotek Industries (FTK) - June Quarter Results - A More In Depth Look, 08/11/2021
  CoreCivic Inc. (CXW) - Post Call Follow Up and Updated Models, 08/11/2021
  Comstock Mining (LODE) - Leading the Way As A Supplier of Strategic Materials While Fostering Decarbonization, 08/11/2021
  Sierra Metals (SMTS)(SMT:CA) - Sierra Delivers Improved Results Despite Operating Challenges, 08/11/2021
  Vectrus (VEC) - Outstanding Second Quarter Results, 08/11/2021
  CoreCivic Inc. (CXW) - Solid Second Quarter Results, 08/10/2021
  Flotek Industries (FTK) - Second Quarter Results - Initial Thoughts, 08/10/2021
  Information Services (III) - Excellent 2Q21. Will the Momentum Continue?, 08/10/2021
  Pyxis Tankers Inc. (PXS) - Quarter Below Expectations and Still Waiting for Market Turn, 08/10/2021
  E.W. Scripps Company (SSP) - Flexing Its Free Cash Flow Muscle, 08/09/2021
  Eagle Bulk Shipping (EGLE) - Hedging Dampened Results But Promising Outlook, 08/09/2021
  FAT Brands Inc. (FAT) - Reports 2Q21 Results, 08/09/2021
  Kratos Defense Security (KTOS) - Awarded $338 million Contract We Expect More Contracts to Follow, 08/09/2021
  Ocugen (OCGN) - Making Progress With Covaxin and Gene Therapy, 08/09/2021
  PsyBio Therapeutics Corp. (PSYBF)(PSYB:CA) - Initiating Coverage, 08/09/2021
  The GEO Group, Inc. (GEO) - A 10-Q Review, 08/09/2021
  Allegiant Gold (AUXXF)(AUAU:CA) - Methodical Approach Leads to Favorable Outcomes, 08/06/2021
  DLH Holdings Corp. (DLHC) - Post Call Update - A Deeper Dive, 08/06/2021
  Eagle Bulk Shipping (EGLE) - 2Q2021 Results Way Above Expectations and Strong Forward Cover, 08/06/2021
  Entravision Communications Corporation (EVC) - A Chocolate Covered Quarter With Sprinkles, 08/06/2021
  Genco Shipping (GNK) - Fine Tuning EBITDA Estimates Following 2Q2021 Earnings Call, 08/06/2021
  Newrange Gold (NRGOF)(NRG:CA) - Increasing the Opportunity Set Within the Red Lake Area, 08/06/2021
  Cumulus Media Inc. (CMLS) - Fixed Cost Reduction in 2022 Is A Big Deal, 08/05/2021
  DLH Holdings Corp. (DLHC) - In-line Fiscal Third Quarter, 08/05/2021
  enCore Energy Corp. (ENCUF)(EU:CA) - enCore Signs Uranium Sales Agreement, 08/05/2021
  Genco Shipping Trading Limited (GNK) - In Line Quarter and New Acquisitions Have Positive Impact, 08/05/2021
  Grindrod Shipping (GRIN) - Webcast With CEO Reinforces Positive Stance, 08/05/2021
  Salem Media (SALM) - Building A Solid Foundation for 2022, 08/05/2021
  The GEO Group Inc. (GEO) - A Second Quarter Beat, 08/05/2021
  Great Lakes Dredge Dock (GLDD) - Tough 1H2021 With COVID-19 But 2H2021 Rebound Ahead, 08/04/2021
  Sierra Metals (SMTS)(SMT:CA) - Peruvian Operations Turn in Better than Expected 2Q Financial Results, 08/04/2021
  Kratos Defense Security (KTOS) - Solid 2Q21 Sets Up A Strong 2H21, 08/04/2021
  Townsquare Media Inc (TSQ) - A Recovery For The Record, 08/04/2021
  Euroseas Ltd. (ESEA) - Another Positive Container Data Point, 08/03/2021
  Voyager Digital Ltd. (VYGVF)(VYGR:CA) - To Acquire Cryptocurrency Payment Processor, 08/03/2021
  Energy Fuels (UUUU)(EFR:CA) - 2021-2Q Results Impacted By Rising Costs Production Delays, 08/02/2021
  ACCO Brands Corporation (ACCO) - Post Call Commentary Maintaining Outperform Rating, 07/30/2021
  Coeur Mining (CDE) - Under Construction, 07/30/2021
  Comstock Mining (LODE) - Comstock Enters the Industrial Hemp Products Business, 07/30/2021
  Orion Group Holdings (ORN) - Surprise Quarter But Recovery Expected, 07/30/2021
  Seanergy Maritime (SHIP) - Solid 2Q2021 Results Previews Better Second Half, 07/30/2021
  Cocrystal Pharma Inc. (COCP) - CDI-45205 Shows Broad Activity Against COVID-19 Variants, 07/30/2021
  ACCO Brands Corporation (ACCO) - PowerA, Economic Recovery Deliver Strong 2Q Results, 07/29/2021
  Cumulus Media Inc. (CMLS) - A Wynn Win, 07/29/2021
  Great Bear Resources Ltd. (GTBAF)(GBR:CA) - Phase 2 Drilling Expected to Commence in August, 07/29/2021
  Orion Group Holdings (ORN) - 2Q2021 Results Lower than Expected Due to Wet Weather, 07/29/2021
  Chakana Copper Corp (CHKKF)(PERU:CA) - Impressive Drill Results Among Four Targets at Soledad, 07/28/2021
  Flotek Industries (FTK) - Flotek Leases Out Part of Its Facilities, 07/28/2021
  Palladium One Mining Inc. (NKORF)(PDM:CA) - Tyko Nickel-Copper Project Area Enlarged with Purchase and Earn-In Agreements, 07/28/2021
  Seanergy Maritime (SHIP) - Another Acquisition Closed, Leaving One to Go, 07/28/2021
  Comtech (CMTL) - Add Arizona to the NG911 Client List, 07/27/2021
  Euroseas Ltd. (ESEA) - Positive Impact of Another Oakland Rate Reset, 07/27/2021
  Grindrod Shipping (GRIN) - Another Positive Move to Acquire JV Interest, 07/27/2021
  Genco Shipping Trading Limited (GNK) - Upward Bias Due to Favorable Market Fundamentals, 07/26/2021
  Ocugen (OCGN) - Initiating Coverage Based on Covaxin and Novel Gene Therapy Platform, 07/26/2021
  Sierra Metals (SMTS)(SMT:CA) - Lowering Expectations for 2021 Due to Negative COVID Impacts, 07/22/2021
  Travelzoo (TZOO) - Fast Road Toward Recovery, 07/22/2021
  Item 9 Labs Corp (INLB) - Pairing Award Winning Brands and an Asset Light Franchising Model to Cannabis, 07/22/2021
  Vectrus (VEC) - Operating Environment Remains Healthy Favorable Risk Reward, 07/22/2021
  Golden Predator Mining (NTGSF)(GPY:CA) - Golden Predator Shareholder Vote On August 25, 07/21/2021
  Pangaea Logistics Solutions Ltd. (PANL) - Fleet Expansion and Firm Market Impact Estimates, 07/21/2021
  Townsquare Media Inc (TSQ) - A Digital Media Company At A Steep Discount, 07/20/2021
  Bassett Furniture (BSET) - Raises Dividend, Increases Buyback Authorization, 07/19/2021
  Eagle Bulk Shipping (EGLE) - 2021 EBITDA Estimate and Market Float Moving Higher, 07/19/2021
  Sierra Metals (SMTS)(SMT:CA) - Thoughts Ahead of Second Quarter Production and Financial Results, 07/19/2021
  Voyager Digital Ltd. (VYGVF)(VYGR:CA) - Record Preliminary 4Q21 Revenue, 07/19/2021
  Euroseas Ltd. (ESEA) - Preferred Shares Converted and New Build Capex Update, 07/16/2021
  Garibaldi Resources Corp (GGIFF)(GGI:CA) - Positive Indications from Initial SkyTEM Survey, 07/16/2021
  Pyxis Tankers Inc. (PXS) - Another Capital Raise Bolsters Financial Flexibility, 07/15/2021
  Seanergy Maritime (SHIP) - Lease Closed - Lowering Numbers to Reflect Rate Pullback, 07/15/2021
  Voyager Digital Ltd. (VYGVF)(VYGR:CA) - How Does Voyager Measure Up in Crypto Going Public Craze?, 07/14/2021
  Coeur Mining (CDE) - Updating Estimates Ahead of Second Quarter Earnings Report, 07/13/2021
  Digital, Media & Entertainment Industry - What A Tolerant Fed Implies For Media Stocks, 07/12/2021
  ACCO Brands Corporation (ACCO) - A Return to Normalcy Bodes Well, 07/09/2021
  Allegiant Gold (AUXXF)(AUAU:CA) - Allegiant Picks Up Additional Claims on Western Edge of the Original Pit Zone, 07/09/2021
  Endeavour Silver (EXK)(EDR:CA) - Strong 2Q Production Results; On Track to Meet or Exceed Guidance, 07/09/2021
  FAT Brands Inc. (FAT) - More International Expansion, 07/09/2021
  Great Lakes Dredge and Dock (GLDD) - New Award, Plea Agreement Reached and Multi Cats Added, 07/09/2021
  Palladium One Mining Inc. (NKORF)(PDM:CA) - Recent IP Surveys Yield Positive Implications for LK Project Resource Potential, 07/08/2021
  Seanergy Maritime (SHIP) - High-Grading Transactions Announced, 07/08/2021
  Aurania Resources (AUIAF)(ARU:CA) - Virtual Roadshow Highlights, 07/07/2021
  InPlay Oil (IPOOF)(IPO:CA) - Production rates blowing through expectations, 07/07/2021
  Newrange Gold (NRGOF)(NRG:CA) - Drilling Reveals Potential High-Grade Extension, 07/07/2021
  Seanergy Maritime (SHIP) - Shelf Offering Filed and Poison Pill Adopted, 07/06/2021
  Industry Report - Energy - The Outlook for Energy Stocks Keeps Getting Better, 07/02/2021
  Bassett Furniture (BSET) - Post COVID Recovery Continues, 07/02/2021
  Industry Report - Metals & Mining Second Quarter 2021 Review and Outlook, 07/02/2021
  CoreCivic, Inc. (CXW) - Completes Sale of Non-Core Assets for $326 Million, 07/01/2021
  Euroseas Ltd. (ESEA) - Fleet Renewal Begins From Position of Strength, 07/01/2021
  Flotek Industries (FTK) - Coverage Initiated, 07/01/2021
  Schwazze (SHWZ) - Adding More Dispensaries, 06/30/2021
  Digerati Technologies Inc. (DTGI) - Elbowing Into An Attractive Niche, 06/29/2021
  FAT Brands Inc. (FAT) - A New Paradigm Acquiring Global Franchise Group, 06/29/2021
  Grindrod Shipping (GRIN) - CEO Comments and EBITDA Revisions Impact Price Target, 06/29/2021
  Onconova Therapeutics Inc. (ONTX) - Onconova To Continue Additional Cohorts In Rigosertib Lung Cancer Trial, 06/29/2021
  The GEO Group, Inc. (GEO) - Could Labor Shortages Slow Down the BOP Transfer?, 06/29/2021
  Golden Predator Mining (NTGSF)(GPY:CA) - Arizona Gold Corp. Golden Predator Sabre Gold Corp., 06/29/2021
  Cocrystal Pharma Inc. (COCP) - Cocrystal Announces CC-42334 To Start Clinical Studies in Influenza, 06/28/2021
  Comstock Mining (LODE) - Comstock Strategy Takes a Quantum Leap, 06/28/2021
  Ely Gold Royalties (ELYGF)(ELY:CA) - Proposed Business Combination Receives Favorable Market Reaction, 06/28/2021
  enCore Energy Corp. (ENCUF)(EU:CA) - enCore announces PEA results for its New Mexico properties, 06/25/2021
  Indonesia Energy Corp (INDO) - Virtual Roadshow Highlights, 06/25/2021
  Comstock Mining (LODE) - Virtual Road Show Highlights, 06/24/2021
  Euroseas Ltd. (ESEA) - Panel Comments and High Visibility Bolsters Outlook, 06/24/2021
  Harte-Hanks Inc. (HRTH) - This Time It Appears To Be Different, 06/24/2021
  Ely Gold Royalties (ELYGF)(ELY:CA) - A Winning Combination in the Precious Metals Royalty Space, 06/22/2021
  Golden Predator Mining (NTGSF)(GPY:CA) - Keeping an Eye on Critical Milestones, 06/21/2021
  The GEO Group, Inc. (GEO) - CEO Zoley Buys Shares, 06/21/2021
  Capstone Green Energy Corporation (CGRN) - Stock offering reflects new aggressive stance, 06/18/2021
  Energy Services of America (ESOA) - PPP Loan Forgiveness Announced, 06/18/2021
  Palladium One Mining Inc. (NKORF)(PDM:CA) - Still in the Shadow of LK?, 06/18/2021
  Onconova Therapeutics Inc. (ONTX) - New Publication Describes Rigosertibs Mechanism For Improving Checkpoint Inhibitor Responses, 06/18/2021
  Helius Medical Technologies (HSDT)(HSM:CA) - Andreeff Appointed Full-time CEO Names New CFO, 06/17/2021
  Aurania Resources (AUIAF)(ARU:CA) - Making the Connection Between Tsenken N1 and Tiria-Shimpia, 06/16/2021
  Comtech (CMTL) - Outerbridge Seeks Strategic Alternatives, 06/15/2021
  Newrange Gold (NRGOF)(NRG:CA) - Exploration Underscores Potential for District-Scale Gold-Copper Skarn and Porphyry-Related Systems, 06/15/2021
  Voyager Digital Ltd. (VYGVF)(VYGR:CA) - Initiation on Voyager Digital: the Fastest Growing Digital Asset Broker, 06/15/2021
  Genco Shipping and Trading (GNK) Softer Cape Market Offset by Firm Ultra Supra Markets, 06/14/2021
  Release - Bunker Hill Achieves Key Milestone to Increase U.S. Trading Liquidity, 06/14/2021
  Capstone Green Energy (CGRN) - Results In Line - Shift In Company Focus Is Exciting, 06/11/2021
  Comtech (CMTL) - Positives Outweigh the Negatives, 06/11/2021
  Ely Gold Royalties (ELYGF)(ELY:CA) - Existing Portfolio Underpins Visible Growth Outlook, 06/11/2021
  Entravision Communications (EVC) - The World Is Its Oyster, 06/10/2021
  Great Bear Resources Ltd. (GTBAF)(GBR:CA) - Virtual Road Show Highlights, 06/10/2021
  Onconova Therapeutics (ONTX) - Looking Forward to Upcoming Clinical Milestones, 06/10/2021
  Euroseas Ltd. (ESEA) - Likely Positive Upcoming Fixtures Boost Price Target, 06/09/2021
  Orion Group Holdings (ORN) - No Appeal on Rezoning Approval and Tampa Yard Sale Closed, 06/09/2021
  PDS Biotechnology Corp (PDSB) - Phase 2 Interim Analysis in HPV Shows Strong Response Rate, 06/09/2021
  Allegiant Gold (AUXXF)(AUAU:CA) - Next Steps, 06/07/2021
  Comstock Mining (LODE) - Comstock Mining Expected To Be Added To The Russell Microcap Index, 06/07/2021
  EuroDry Ltd. (EDRY) - Firm Market and Operating Leverage Moves Price Target Up, 06/07/2021
  Grindrod Shipping (GRIN) - Moving Price Target Up For Positive Developments, 06/07/2021
  Avivagen Inc. (VIVXF)(VIV:CA) - Reports 2Q21 Results Momentum Continues to Build, 06/04/2021
  Garibaldi Resources Corp (GGIFF)(GGI:CA) - Geophysical Surveys Lead Off 2021 Exploration Season, 06/04/2021
  Great Bear Resources Ltd. (GTBAF)(GBR:CA) - Getting a More Complete Picture Great Bear to Host Investor Webinar on June 7, 06/04/2021
  Eagle Bulk Shipping (EGLE) - Fleet Renewal Program Remains Active, 06/03/2021
  Pyxis Tankers Inc. (PXS) - Slightly Better Quarter and Acquisition Set to Close in 3Q2021, 06/03/2021
  TAAL Distributed Information Technologies (TAALF) - 1Q21 Results, 06/02/2021
  The GEO Group, Inc. (GEO) - Is the Debt Downgrade Warranted?, 06/01/2021
  Euroseas Ltd. (ESEA) - High Visibility and Favorable Risk Reward Profile, 06/01/2021
  CoreCivic, Inc. (CXW) - A Solution to USMS Renewals Room for Optimism, 05/28/2021
  Allegiant Gold Allegiant Gold Ltd (AUXXF)(AUAU:CA) - High-Grade Drill Results Could Be a Game Changer for Eastside, 05/27/2021
  Euroseas Ltd. (ESEA) - Longer Charters at Higher Rates Drive Upgrade to Outperform, 05/27/2021
  Palladium One Mining Inc. (NKORF)(PDM:CA) - Haukiaho Drill Results Highlight Significant Potential to Expand Resources, 05/27/2021
  Cocrystal Pharma Inc. (COCP) - Transferring Coverage and Reiterating Rating, 05/27/2021
  Chakana Copper Corp (CHKKF)(PERU:CA) - Another Positive Step Toward a Maiden Resource Estimate, 05/26/2021
  Energy Fuels (UUUU)(EFR:CA) - Rating Upgraded and New Price Target Established, 05/26/2021
  Esports Entertainment Group, Inc. (GMBL) - A Backyard Acquisition of Bethard, 05/26/2021
  Garibaldi Resources Corp (GGIFF)(GGI:CA) - More Than Meets the Eye, 05/26/2021
  Seanergy Maritime (SHIP) - Solid Quarter Sets Positive Tone for Year, 05/26/2021
  TAAL Distributed Information Technologies (TAALF) - Initiating Coverage on TAAL Distributed - Blockchain for Enterprise, 05/26/2021
  Esports Entertainment Group (GMBL) - Jersey Shores Up Its Gambling Strategy, 05/25/2021
  Seanergy Maritime (SHIP) - Another Acquisition Increases Cape Exposure, 05/25/2021
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E.W. Scripps Company (The)
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Salem Media Group Inc.
Presentation & C-Suite Interview
Motorsport Games Inc.
Presentation & C-Suite Interview
Townsquare Media Inc. Class A
Virtual Road Show Replay
One Stop Systems Inc.
Virtual Road Show Replay
Cumulus Media Inc.
Presentation & C-Suite Interview
Engine Media Holdings Inc.
C-Suite Interview
Seanergy Maritime Holdings Corp
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Digerati Technologies Inc
C-Suite Interview
Sierra Metals Inc.
Virtual Roadshow Replay
Spring Valley Acquisition Corp.
SPACtrac Virtual Road Show Replay
Entravision Communications Corporation
Fireside Chat Replay
DLH Holdings Corp.
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Chakana Copper Corp - Ordinary Shares
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Avivagen Inc
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CoreCivic Inc.
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Taal Distributed Information Technologies Inc
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Lineage Cell Therapeutics, Inc.
C-Suite Interview
Townsquare Media Inc. Class A
C-Suite Interview
InPlay Oil
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Aurania Resources
Virtual Road Show Replay
Acco Brands Corporation
Virtual Road Show Replay
Capstone Green Energy
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Indonesia Energy Corp Ltd - Ordinary Shares
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Comstock Mining Inc.
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Stem Holdings Inc
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Helius Medical Technologies Inc.
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CoreCivic Inc.
C-Suite Interview
Great Bear Resources Ltd - New
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InPlay Oil
C-Suite Interview
Sierra Metals Inc.
C-Suite Interview
Taal Distributed Information Technologies Inc
C-Suite Interview
Cocrystal Pharma Inc.
C-Suite Interview
Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Corporation
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Indonesia Energy Corp Ltd - Ordinary Shares
C-Suite Interview
Avivagen Inc
C-Suite Interview
Genprex Inc.
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FAT Brands Inc.
Virtual Roadshow Replay
Salem Media Group Inc.
C-Suite Interview
Helius Medical Technologies Inc.
C-Suite Interview
Great Bear Resources Ltd - New
C-Suite Interview
Medicine Man Technologies Inc
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Energy Services of America Corp.
Fireside Chat Replay
Genprex Inc.
C-Suite Interview
Stem Holdings Inc
C-Suite Interview
Ayala Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Virtual Roadshow Replay
PDS Biotechnology Corporation
C-Suite Interview
Chakana Copper Corp - Ordinary Shares
C-Suite Interview
Bassett Furniture Industries Incorporated
C-Suite Interview
eSports Entertainment Group Inc
C-Suite Interview
PDS Biotechnology Corporation
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Palladium One Mining Inc
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Golden Predator Mining Corp
C-Suite Interview
Energy Fuels Inc
C-Suite Interview
enCore Energy Corp
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Medicine Man Technologies Inc
C-Suite Interview
Ayala Pharmaceuticals Inc.
C-Suite Interview
Capstone Green Energy
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eSports Entertainment Group Inc
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Allegiant Gold Ltd
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enCore Energy Corp
C-Suite Interview
Palladium One Mining Inc
C-Suite Interview
Comstock Mining Inc.
C-Suite Interview
Capstone Green Energy
C-Suite Interview
Allegiant Gold Ltd
C-Suite Interview
1-800 FLOWERS.COM Inc.
Fireside Chat
Kelly Services Inc. Class A Common Stock
C-Suite Interview
Acco Brands Corporation
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FAT Brands Inc.
Virtual Road Show
Palladium One Mining Inc
Virtual Road Show
Ayala Pharmaceuticals Inc.
C-Suite Interview
Neovasc Inc.
Virtual Road Show
Aurania Resources
Virtual Road Show
Lineage Cell Therapeutics, Inc.
Virtual Road Show
InPlay Oil
Virtual Road Show
One Stop Systems Inc.
Virtual Road Show
Pangaea Logistics Solutions Ltd.
C-Suite Interview
Palladium One Mining Inc
C-Suite Interview
Genco Shipping & Trading Limited New (Marshall Islands)
C-Suite Interview
Kratos Defense & Security Solutions Inc.
C-Suite Interview
Lineage Cell Therapeutics, Inc.
C-Suite Interview
E.W. Scripps Company (The)
C-Suite Interview
Dyadic International Inc.
Virtual Road Show
PDS Biotechnology Corporation
Virtual Road Show
Comstock Mining Inc.
Virtual Road Show
Vectrus Inc.
C-Suite Interview
Energy Fuels Inc
Virtual Road Show
Gray Television Inc.
C-Suite Interview
Coeur Mining Inc.
C-Suite Interview
Gevo Inc.
Virtual Road Show
InPlay Oil
C-Suite Interview
Genprex Inc.
Virtual Road Show
Comstock Mining Inc.
C-Suite Interview
Eagle Bulk Shipping Inc.
C-Suite Interview
CoreCivic Inc.
Virtual Road Show
Entravision Communications Corporation
C-Suite Interview
Golden Predator Mining Corp
Virtual Road Show
PDS Biotechnology Corporation
C-Suite Interview
electroCore Inc.
C-Suite Interview
Energy Fuels Inc
C-Suite Interview
FAT Brands Inc.
C-Suite Interview
Acco Brands Corporation
C-Suite Interview
Newrange Gold Corp.
Virtual Road Show
CoreCivic Inc.
C-Suite Interview
Golden Predator Mining Corp
C-Suite Interview
Sierra Metals Inc.
Virtual Road Show
Genprex Inc.
C-Suite Interview
One Stop Systems Inc.
C-Suite Interview
DLH Holdings Corp.
Virtual Road Show
Seanergy Maritime Holdings Corp
C-Suite Interview
Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Corporation
Virtual Road Show
Indonesia Energy Corp Ltd - Ordinary Shares
Virtual Road Show
Neovasc Inc.
C-Suite Interview
Sierra Metals Inc.
C-Suite Interview
Aurania Resources
C-Suite Interview
Dyadic International Inc.
C-Suite Interview
Onconova Therapeutics Inc.
C-Suite Interview
Ely Gold Royalties Inc - Ordinary Shares
Virtual Road Show
Newrange Gold Corp.
C-Suite Interview
Energy Services of America Corp.
C-Suite Interview
Orion Group Holdings Inc. Common
C-Suite Interview
Indonesia Energy Corp Ltd - Ordinary Shares
C-Suite Interview
Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Corporation
C-Suite Interview
Gevo Inc.
C-Suite Interview
1-800 FLOWERS.COM Inc.
C-Suite Interview
Ely Gold Royalties Inc.
C-Suite Interview
Sundance Energy Inc. - Ordinary Shares
Duos Technologies Group Inc
OncoSec Medical Incorporated
Assure Holdings
Xenetic Biosciences Inc.
Cornerstone Capital Resources Inc.
Ballard Power Systems Inc.
PDS Biotechnology Corporation
Caladrius Biosciences Inc.
Cocrystal Pharma Inc.
Capstone Green Energy
Energy Fuels Inc
Exactus Inc
Comtech Telecommunications Corp.
Hoth Therapeutics Inc.
Orion Group Holdings Inc. Common
Comstock Mining Inc.
AgEagle Aerial Systems Inc.
Lightwave Logic Inc
Gray Television Inc.
Pangaea Logistics Solutions Ltd.
Lineage Cell Therapeutics, Inc.
Tonix Pharmaceuticals Holding Corp.
Sierra Metals Inc.
Sernova Corp
Empire Diversified Energy Inc
Abacus Health Products Inc.
Summit Wireless Technologies Inc.
Progressive Care Inc
Pyxis Tankers Inc.
InPlay Oil Corp.
Gevo Inc.
Avino Silver & Gold Mines Ltd. (Canada)
Newrange Gold Corp.
Ceapro Inc
Tribune Publishing Company
Tower One Wireless Corp
Euroseas Ltd.
Genprex Inc.
ProMIS Neurosciences Inc.
EuroDry Ltd.
International Seaways Inc.
Matinas Biopharma Holdings Inc.
Educational Development Corporation
electroCore Inc.
Brainstorm Cell Therapeutics Inc.
Eagle Bulk Shipping Inc.
Ely Gold Royalties Inc.
Freedom Holding Corp - Ordinary Shares
Information Services Group Inc.
Dyadic International Inc.
Cardiff Oncology Inc.
1-800 FLOWERS.COM Inc.
Aeterna Zentaris Inc.
Helix Biopharma Corp
Applied Energetics Inc
Endeavour Silver Corporation (Canada)
Great Panther Mining Limited (Canada)
Entravision Communications Corporation
Acco Brands Corporation
Salarius Pharmaceuticals
Golden Valley Mines Ltd
Exro Technologies Inc - Ordinary Shares
Seanergy Maritime Holdings Corp
Ocugen, Inc.
Onconova Therapeutics Inc.
Kelly Services Inc. Class A Common Stock
Imagin Medical Inc
Silver One Resources Inc.
Indonesia Energy Corp Ltd - Ordinary Shares
Citius Pharmaceuticals Inc.
SPI Energy Co. Ltd.
Lumina Gold Corp.
Ely Gold Royalties Inc - Ordinary Shares
Qualstar Corporation
Interpace Diagnostics Group Inc.
Salem Media Group Inc.
Townsquare Media Inc. Class A
2019 Radio Show: Bill Wilson Opening
Enochian Biosciences Inc.
QuoteMedia Inc.
NobleCon XV
Aurania Resources Ltd.
Information Services Group Inc.
Salem Media Group Inc.
The KEYW Holding Corporation
Townsquare Media Inc. Class A
Tribune Publishing Company
Actinium Pharmaceuticals Inc. (Delaware)
Actinium Pharmaceuticals at NobleConXV
Salem Media Group Inc.
Salem Media Group at NobleCon
Genie Energy Ltd. Class B Stock
Pyxis Tankers Inc.
Pyxis Tankers Inc. at NobleConXV
Pangaea Logistics Solutions Ltd.
Pangaea Logistics Solutions Ltd. at NobleConXV
Seanergy Maritime Holdings Corp
Seanergy Maritime Holdings at NobleConXV
IEC Electronics
IEC Electronics at NobleConXV
Great Panther Mining Limited (Canada)
Great Panther Silver at NobleConXV
Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Corporation
Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Corporation at NobleConXV
Genco Shipping & Trading Limited New (Marshall Islands)
Genco Shipping & Trading Limited at NobleConXV
Endeavour Silver Corporation (Canada)
Endeavour Silver Corporation at NobleConXV
Sierra Metals Inc.
Sierra Metals Inc. at NobleConXV
Eagle Bulk Shipping Inc.
Eagle Bulk Shipping at NobleConXV
Brainstorm Cell Therapeutics Inc.
BrainStorm Cell Therapeutics at NobleConXV
Dyadic International Inc.
Dyadic International at NobleConXV
Torchlight Energy Resources Inc.
Torchlight Energy Resources, Inc. at NobleConXV
Comtech Telecommunications Corp.
Comtech Telecommunications Corp. at NobleConXV
Arcadia Biosciences Inc.
Arcadia Biosciences Inc at NobleConXV
electroCore Inc.
Altimmune Inc.
Altimmune Inc at NobleConXV
Cardiff Oncology Inc.
TrovaGene Inc at NobleConXV
One Stop Systems Inc.