Ortho Regenerative Technologies Inc. (ORTIF) – Ortho Regenerative Technologies Inc. Is Now ChitogenX Inc.

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Thursday, September 08, 2022

Gregory Aurand, Senior Research Analyst, Healthcare Services & Medical Devices, Noble Capital Markets, Inc.

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What’s in a name?  The rebranding identifies the Company’s CHITOSAN based regenerative medicine technology while expanding the scope of the technology beyone orthopedics. While the near term pipeline is focused on the repair of orthopedic soft tissue (rotator cuff and meniscus) as initial markets with great need, the Company’s proprietary platform has much broader potential regenerative applications, including in cardiovascular, dermatology, wound healing, oncology and neurology.

Tickers will change.  The corporate rebranding was approved at the last Annual General and Special Meeting of Shareholders held July 21, 2022, following the passing of a special resolution authorizing a name change. Effective on or around September 12th, shares will begin trading on the CSE as CHGX.  Subject to change, it is expected that the OTCQB ticker will also be updated to CHGX.

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