Pyxis Tankers (PXS) – Use of short-term & spot prices paying off as tanker rates rise

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Tuesday, November 15, 2022

We currently own a modern fleet of five tankers engaged in seaborne transportation of refined petroleum products and other bulk liquids. We are focused on growing our fleet of medium range product tankers, which provide operational flexibility and enhanced earnings potential due to their “eco” features and modifications. We are positioned to opportunistically expand and maximize our fleet due to competitive cost structure, strong customer relationships and an experienced management team whose interests are aligned with those of its shareholders. For more information, visit:

Michael Heim, CFA, Senior Research Analyst, Noble Capital Markets, Inc.

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Pyxis Tankers reported another quarter of impressive results due to higher tanker shipping rates. Pyxis reported net revenues of $17.0 million for the 2022-2Q, up from $7.0 million for the same period last year and in line with expectations. Higher revenues reflect a TCE rate of 29,062 versus 7,326.  Higher revenues more than offset increased vessel operating costs, which were $5.0 million versus $3.6 million. The result was a boost to adjusted EBITDA to $8.0 million versus $(1.3) million. Net income available to common was $5.1 million ($0.42 per diluted share) versus a loss of $3.7 million ($0.39 per diluted share).

The near-term outlook remains favorable. The displacement of traditional shipping routes caused by the conflict in Ukraine has led to longer voyages at higher prices. This will most likely continue and may even accelerate as European countries replace Russian natural gas with oil and diesel. In addition, the Chinese government has now authorized the export of refined oil, which may lead to additional demand for tankers. Pyxis has committed three of its five vessels to short-term charters at rates above 30,000 while leaving the remaining two vessels to receive spot prices. Traditional, tanker shipping prices are strong in the winter heating season.

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