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Pressure Biosciences Inc.

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$0.14378 8.05%
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$0.13215 - $0.91
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Pressure BioSciences Inc is engaged in the healthcare division. It focuses on solving the problems inherent in biological sample preparation. The company has developed and patented a technology platform that can control the sample preparation process. This process, called pressure cycling technology (PCT), uses alternating cycles of hydrostatic pressure between ambient and ultra-high levels. The company is also the distributor of the Constant Systems (CS) cell disruption equipment, parts, and consumables. Its products include Barocyclers, External Pressure Calibration Device Kit, MicroTubes, HUB High-Pressure Generators and Accessories, RF1700 Mini Ultra-High Pressure Pump, High-Pressure Cell Disruptors from Constant Systems, and SHREDDER Tubes, Service Contracts, and others.

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