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SensaSure Technologies, Inc. is a medical technology company. The Company is engaged in supplying a device and method to collect a breath sample for lab-based analysis. The Company’s method is known as ExaBreath (EB) and it can collect, extract, detect and identify non-volatile compounds present in every exhaled breath by utilizing existing lab-based testing infrastructure and procedures. EB is applicable in toxicology, pharmacology, and clinical biochemistry. EB enhances the user experience in a range of applications and markets, such as workplace drug testing, anti-doping in sports, law enforcement, e-health, and telemedicine. The Company’s testing methodology is a non-invasive way to collect chemicals in breath, for disease detection, exposure monitoring, and drug metabolism. EB detects a range of exogenous substances, such as drugs of abuse (narcotics), therapeutic drugs (antibiotics), and performance-enhancing drugs used in sports (stimulants), as well as many other compounds.

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