The Infinite Machine to Become a Movie with NFT Investors Help

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Popular Ethereum Book to Become a Feature Film with Financing by an NFT Collection


During the height of Covid lockdowns in 2020, an ex-Bloomberg digital asset and emerging market journalist named Camila Russo wrote a fast-paced, intriguing history of crypto-currency, which goes far to enhance the reader’s understanding of all the many crypto players. It accomplishes this with the entertainment value and intrigue that some have compared to Michael Lewis’ The Big Short.

The name of her book is The Infinite Machine: How an Army
of Crypto-hackers Is Building the Next Internet with Ethereum.
There is a movie based on the book in the works. The producers are funding much of it by selling NFTs. The NFT collection will be released on December 14.

The Infinite Machine NFT Collection sale has two goals: to help fund the filming of the history of Ethereum and to use Ethereum’s underlying technology to surface artists from emerging nations, whose voices could benefit from amplification in the NFT space, but for whom NFTs have become a life-changing tool.

About the Collection

According to a press release dated December 6, the NFT collection, is a colorful explosion of Ethereum logos produced by emerging artists, offered at a flat price of 0.275 ETH, with a discount for whitelisted addresses, which will be mostly sourced from the project’s open Discord server. Holders will have the chance to receive movie-related perks linked to their NFTs, and future airdrops as production are underway.

It will be the first major NFT collection where at least 90% will represent the Ethereum octahedron. It’s also unique in its use for financing a related production and its aim to become a platform for global emerging artists.


Image: The works will feature the octahedron now most associated with the Ethereum logo


The Infinite Machine NFT Collection is a collaborative effort by 40 artists mainly from countries where decentralization has a major impact on residents lives and finances: Cuba, Argentina, Venezuela, Kenya, Australia, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Croatia, Honduras, India, Mexico, Spain, and the US. Each artist is creating a 1/1 piece representing their vision of Ethereum or decentralization values and 10 versions of the Ethereum logo. Each of the versions of the ETH logo is then divided into 4 quadrants to be programmatically combined with each other, creating 10,499 unique ETH logo mosaics representing the combined visions of these emerging artists.


The Movie

The Infinite Machine movie aims to be the first dramatized feature-length film about crypto, leveraging Ethereum technology and NFTs to fund its production and turn its audience into a community. With A-list actors, it aims to draw in a mainstream audience to cinemas and streaming services worldwide. The story behind Ethereum has all the elements needed for a blockbuster hit that will inspire the new generation.

The movie will be produced by Alejandro Miranda of Versus Entertainment, a Spanish audiovisual production and distribution company, and a US-based production company soon to be announced. Camila Russo, the book’s author and founder of DeFi content platform The Defiant, and Francisco Gordillo, co-founder of crypto hedge fund Avenue Investment, are executive producers. Russo, Gordillo and Miranda are spearheading the NFT collection, while Santiago Siri, founder of the UBI Protocol and hacktivist at the Democracy Earth initiative, is an advisor.



The Infinite Machine Movie & Collection Marketing Team


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