NobleCon19 Economic Perspectives – 2024: Boom or Bust?

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The Economic Perspectives Panel’s discussions at the recent NobleCon19 emerging growth conference not only provided valuable insights into various sectors and the broader economic landscape but also served as a comprehensive analysis that captivated the audience’s attention. The panel, featuring a diverse range of experts from industry leaders to economists, offered nuanced perspectives on the challenges that have characterized markets since 2021 and identified potential opportunities, notably emphasizing the potential for undervalued small-cap investments.

The conference kicked off with an Economic Outlook Panel, expertly moderated by Michael Williams, a seasoned News Anchor at WPTV/NBC in West Palm Beach. Williams adeptly steered the discussions through key topics, leveraging the wealth of knowledge from panelists such as Lisa Knutson, COO of E.W. Scripps; Cary Marshall, CFO of Alliance Resource Partners; Jose Torres, Senior Economist at Interactive Brokers; Shanoop Kothari, Co-CEO of LuxUrban Hotels; and Dan Thelen, Managing Director of Small/Mid Caps at Ancora.

A prevailing sentiment among the panelists was the intriguing possibility of 2024 mirroring the economic resurgence experienced in 1990, a year that followed a challenging period. Notably, the consensus was that small-cap investments tend to outperform larger companies during economic recoveries due to their inherent agility and greater potential for growth. The panel expressed cautious optimism, suggesting that the Russell 2000 index might pleasantly surprise investors in the upcoming year.

The discussion also spotlighted sectors of particular interest, with media and advertising taking center stage. The anticipation of heavy political ad spending, estimated at an impressive $10-12 billion leading up to the 2024 election, captured the attention of the panel. Additionally, the oil and gas markets were under scrutiny, with a notable supply response identified as a contributing factor in curbing recent inflation concerns. Projections indicated a forecasted addition of 2.2 million extra barrels per day in the US in 2023, with prices already having experienced a 17% drop from their earlier peak in the year.

Delving into broader economic discussions, the panel highlighted the resilience observed in 2023 to date, supported by a robust labor market and excess pandemic savings fueling consumption. However, the panel cautioned against undue optimism, pointing to expectations of a potential slowdown in 2024, particularly as the Federal Reserve eases interest rates and government spending recedes. The acceptance of a 3-3.5% baseline inflation in the long term was posited as a necessary acknowledgment, notwithstanding the official 2% target.

While acknowledging potential risks in the commercial real estate sector, the panel expressed confidence that forward-thinking companies were actively engaged in cost-cutting measures and prudent inventory management. The overarching expectation was that stock returns would follow a trajectory reminiscent of the positive trends witnessed in 1990, thereby making small-cap investments an attractive prospect for investors keen on capitalizing on emerging opportunities.

Addressing the transformative impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on various facets of business and society, the panel collectively agreed that AI is not just a passing trend but a transformative force that is here to stay. Cary Marshall went as far as declaring, “AI is the electrification of this country.” While recognizing the potential for AI to reduce labor costs, the panelists cautioned that widespread adoption might take longer than initially anticipated. Jose Torres added a nuanced perspective, suggesting that AI could lead to shorter workdays but expressed concerns about the potential erosion of interpersonal skills critical for persuasion and influence.

In conclusion, the panel emphasized the indispensable need for mental toughness, emotion management, and discipline in navigating the inevitable cycles of the markets. Despite the multifaceted challenges, the prevailing sentiment was one of guarded optimism for the road ahead. As markets continue to evolve and present new dynamics, these key takeaways from the Economic Perspectives Panel offer invaluable insights for investors seeking to navigate the intricate landscape of emerging growth and economic recovery, providing a robust foundation for strategic decision-making in the ever-changing financial environment.


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