What Investors Need to Know if Bitcoin ETF Gets the Green Light

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The long-awaited arrival of SEC-approved bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) promises to open the floodgates for mainstream investor exposure to the world’s largest cryptocurrency. After years of rejections and delays, the SEC appears ready to finally allow spot bitcoin ETFs that hold the digital asset directly.

This stamp of regulatory approval positions bitcoin to go fully mainstream in 2024. Financial advisors can now more easily allocate client assets into bitcoin through the familiar ETF wrapper. Major financial institutions and retirement accounts like 401(k)s will likely broaden access as well.

For crypto-curious investors, a spot bitcoin ETF offers a simpler way to gain exposure without dealing with digital wallets and exchanges. But navigating this new ETF landscape won’t be easy. Here’s what investors need to know:

Shop Around for Fees

Dozens of issuers have spot bitcoin ETF filings awaiting SEC approval. With so much competition, expense ratios are plunging. Several issuers like ARK Invest and Bitwise have waived fees completely for six months. Others range from 0.25% to over 1%. Pay close attention to fee structures, which will vary greatly between issuers.

Monitor Premiums and Discounts

While bitcoin itself is highly liquid, new ETFs may deviate from their net asset value or trading price. Factors like redemption policies and authorized participant rules could cause ETF shares to trade at small premiums initially. Keep an eye on premium/discount behavior, favoring ETFs that demonstrate efficient trading and tight spreads.

Consider Futures-Based ETFs Too

Spot bitcoin ETFs remove the futures curve drama, but don’t ignore futures-based funds. The ProShares Bitcoin Strategy ETF (BITO) has built a solid track record since launching in October 2021. Futures-based strategies could still make sense for tactical traders and institutional investors, despite added complexity.

Temper Short-Term Expectations

Bitcoin ETFs are unlikely to immediately trigger massive inflows from retail and institutional investors. Assets may reach $10 billion this year, but that’s tiny compared to bitcoin’s $900 billion market cap. Widespread adoption will take time as investors wait and see how these new products function.

Beware the Crypto Bubble

While bitcoin has rebounded from its 2022 lows, speculative excess still persists. Hundreds of altcoins with no utility or differentiators have billion dollar valuations. Cryptocurrency markets remain prone to volatility and hype cycles. ETFs offer exposure, but be wary of parabolic rallies.

Think Long-Term Store of Value

The bitcoin blockchain and protocol aren’t going away. Only 21 million BTC can ever be mined. Consider using ETFs as part of a diversified portfolio focused on bitcoin’s potential as a long-term store of value, similar to gold. But also be prepared for 50%+ drawdowns during times of market stress.

Look Beyond Bitcoin

Bitcoin ETFs are just the beginning. The SEC has yet to approve ETFs holding other major cryptocurrencies like ether and solana. If these are eventually permitted, diversified crypto ETFs could become an enticing one-stop shop. Institutional investors are already trading cryptocurrency index funds tracking a basket of assets.

Understand the Tax Implications

Cryptocurrency remains subject to complex U.S. tax rules that classify it as property. Investors must pay capital gains taxes whenever selling at a profit, including cashing out of ETFs at a higher bitcoin price. Long-term tax rates are more favorable. Financial advisors can help craft tax-smart crypto strategies.

See How Institutions Respond

Large asset managers and financial institutions will need time to evaluate these new products before allowing clients access. Their embrace could drive billions in inflows. But if major players bar access or remain cautious, retail adoption may lag. Pay attention to their stance.

Approval of spot bitcoin ETFs removes a huge roadblock to mainstream crypto investment. But it’s still early days. As investors navigate this rapidly evolving landscape, following prudent portfolio strategies and avoiding FOMO will be key to capitalizing on this milestone.


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