Most Interesting Articles on Channelchek in 2022 (Editor’s Choice)

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 The Year 2022 Brought Many Twists and Turns to Share with Readers – the Editor Picks His Favs

All markets are interconnected. In fact, markets are impacted by weather, war, worry, Washington, wages, waste, and that’s just the W’s. So each day, as Channelchek prepares to deliver research, articles, and pertinent video content to subscriber’s inboxes, we plow through a mountain of information and hope to share what is either not being addressed or covered, or present front page news from the point of view of seasoned investors, not rookie news writers.

Below are five articles that were published throughout the year on Channelchek. Although I have favorites not included here, and these are not the most read, I believe the below told a slightly different story than the mainstream narrative. As a content provider to this popular investment research platform, my job is not to call the market, it is to provide thoughts and knowledge to help you make decisions on small and microcap stocks and the overall universe of investment opportunities. Still, the content team is proud when, for example, the entire newswire exploded with the word “pivot” that we then reminded our readers there was nothing indicating a pivot was imminent or even being discussed among FOMC members. As most Channelchek content providers are investors, analysts, and market watchers, we were also proud to serve our readership by being among the first to dig through the $AMC $APE dividend and define the true effects to stakeholders.

I think you’ll find these five articles are still compelling, and if you have not registered for no-cost insights to your inbox each day, here’s your chance to start the New Year from a slightly different investment angle.

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#1 More Behind AMC’s APE Dividend than Meets the Eye

“So, ladies and gentlemen, gentlemen and ladies, TODAY WE POUNCE.” This is how the AMC Chairman began his letter to shareholders on August 4. The company announced a unique dividend to be awarded to listed shareholders later in the month. The impact of the dividend is still being felt and discussed among market participants.

#2 The Truth About the Fed Pivot Rumors

In this article explaining the Fed not pivoting but instead doubling down on describing a strong hawkish bias does not necessarily mean bad news for investors in stocks. It’s a follow-up article to  Don’t Fear the Rate Hike, which was widely read and shared on social media. There is information in the above Fed pivot article that I am certain will be as pertinent in 2023 as it was in 2022.

#3 What Investors Haven’t Yet Noticed About the Value in Some Biotechs

If you’re shopping for a wallet and one comes complete with $100 worth of cash inside and is priced at $60, would you think there is value to this purchase? A situation similar to this has evolved in many biotech stocks. The article was written in late May, and although it has only played out for a few companies in the sector, conditions still exist for a feeding frenzy in biotech stocks. Information within the article could also apply to other sectors that have lost popularity post Covid19.

#4 Reading Between Michael Burry’s Lines

The only real contact hedge fund manager Michael Burry has with the outside world is Twitter posts (which, since Musk’s arrival, Burry now promises not to delete), his quarterly SEC filing of holdings, and every four or five years he will allow an interview with Bloomberg via Bloomberg Msg. Investment content providers are all over every tweet and quick to tell the world what it means. There are even YouTube channels that exist only to guess at what Burry’s portfolio at Scion may hold and what Burry (maybe) thinks. They do this because many readers swarm to learn more about what he is preparing for.

Some of the most widely read and long-lived content on Channelchek are articles about this guru. Still we promise to only present his tweets, filings, and thoughts when the information seems useful.

#5 What Sectors Do Best With a Strong Dollar?

Written in late April, this article hit a need that stayed important to readers throughout 2022. While the exact numbers are no longer current, the knowledge of how one market impacts another is always worth tucking away in the back of your brain so that, as an investor or trader, you can be early on building a position rather than later when the trade may have already hit the news and lost the bulk of its move. While there are always moving pieces, especially when it comes to currency strength, this article, most often discovered through Google searches,  is super short but contains useful information.

Happy New Year

Thank you for letting us be a part of 2022. In the coming year, we have plans to continue everything we are now doing and add on some features that we believe will provide users with relevant information not found in too many other places.

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Paul Hoffman

Managing Editor, Channelchek


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